Super Mario 64 - Full Game Walkthrough -

Super Mario 64 – Full Game Walkthrough

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A complete 120 star walkthrough for Super Mario 64. Enjoy! Please activate the full description for time stamps.

00:00 Opening Cutscene and Intro
02:28 Bob-omb Battlefield
16:05 Whomps Fortress
37:22 Bowser in the Dark World
41:40 Cool, Cool Mountain
55:05 Jolly Roger Bay
01:13:25 Big Boo’s Haunt
01:29:00 Hazy Maze Cave
01:50:59 Lethal Lava Land
02:24:40 Bowser in the Fire Sea
02:29:18 Dire, Dire Docks
02:42:45 Snowman’s Land
02:53:59 Wet-Dry World
03:08:07 Tall, Tall Mountain
03:23:15 Tiny-Huge Island
03:41:35 Tick Tock Clock
03:57:50 Rainbow Ride
04:14:45 Bowser in the Sky
04:17:55 Final Boss
04:20:50 Ending & Credits


  1. This game is sssoooooooooo much more better and classic than the games tdy . Bruh nostalgia made me cry I wanna play this so bad again

  2. Someone else is guiding themselves to pass the game 😂

  3. The nostalgia tho- 🤚😭 I used to play this when I was 7 yrs old and now I'm 12 yrs old ✌️😔 sadly my brother deleted this game on his pc so I can't play this game anymore 😔

  4. Haha where does the big chomp go? I always wonder

  5. I’m 17 yrs old and played this on the Nintendo 64 and DS, I forgot about how half of these levels gave me a migraine, especially the underwater ones lol.

  6. I LOVE THE MUSIC N64 music has great Renaissance game music

  7. I’m almost 30 now and remember playing this when I was about 8. Oh my god. Where has time gone?! This vid is so nostalgic – the good old days. Thanks for uploading.

  8. I remember my Mom taking up my Nintendo 64 I barely even got to play this game

  9. This is why it made the 90s such a fun decade. We had good ol' times such as partying, dancing, age-appropriate games, no wars, no viruses, no Justin Bieber, no Social Media, and no drugs

  10. any1 know how to beat the first boss guy ? in th courtyard ,

  11. Games like this was terrible in my opinion Mario Looked like a minecraft character you didn't have to worry about that now

  12. When I was younger I used to think this was the 64th game in the series

  13. 7:37 the coin collecting sound perfectly aligns with the music

  14. The graphics were nice for their time i like the vibrant colors

  15. Man I remember when this came out in 1996. I was just 11 years old then and I begged and begged my mom to buy me a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I was so into it.

  16. Fun fact: A sealed copy of this game sold at auction for $1.5 million!

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