Super Mario 3D World - World 1 (4-Player) -

Super Mario 3D World – World 1 (4-Player)

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Hey guys, and welcome to our new Let’s Play of Super Mario 3D World! This is going to be a 100% walkthrough of the game with all 4-players! We hope you guys are as excited about this game as we are!

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In this episode:
World 1-1: Super Bell Hill (3:12)
World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave (10:29)
World 1-A: Chargin’ Chuck Blockade (17:02)
World 1: Mushroom House (17:50)
World 1-3: Mount Beanpole (18:23)
World 1-4: Plessie’s Plunging Falls (22:38)
World 1: Slots Game (26:40)
World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus (27:58)
World 1: Mushroom House (31:50)
World 1-Toad: Captain Toad Goes Forth (32:50)
World 1-Castle: Bowser’s Highway Showdown (35:08)

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  1. Deaths:

    Chris: 0

    Tyler: 1 – Pit

    Tyson: 2 – Pit(2)

    Spencer: 1 – Pit

    *To avoid confusion, Plessie & Captain Toad Green Stars & Stamps do not count.

    Green Stars:

    Chris: 3

    Tyler: 4

    Tyson: 7

    Spencer: 2


    Chris: 2

    Tyler: 1

    Tyson: 0

    Spencer: 2

    Gold Flagpole:

    Chris: 5

    Tyler: 7

    Tyson: 6

    Spencer: 5

    Level Wins (Crowns):

    Chris: 4

    Tyler: 3

    Tyson: 4

    Spencer: 0

  2. Binge watching their videos since it's not the same with Tyler and chris :,)

  3. damn, the nostalgia, i remember coming home excited to watch this while i played wii sports, time goes by fast 🙁

  4. You're not telling me I played this that long ago

  5. I remember I was young and every night I be watching there super mario gameplays, I miss the good old days

  6. Used to watch u when I was 4 omg thank god I returned to ur channel so much memorys

  7. i annoyed my mom for this game and the wii u when i saw this gameplay

  8. I remember this channel thank you YouTube recommended

  9. Who is watching this in may 2021 LOL 😂

  10. You also have played newer super Mario bros wii that my son played it for the switch he even played bowser’s fury

  11. I remember playin this game with my cousins when I was younger, it’s sad we’ll never do something like that before

  12. I miss these guys im not crying your crying

    We're all crying

  13. Feels like just earlier when I would play with Momma and throw her off into the pits or when I'd play with my cousin at my auntie's house when I'd sleepover every Friday U loved playing as Toad. I miss when they would get millions of views. Now nobody knows about them anymore.

  14. Can’t believe I was six years old when I use watch and love this

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  16. I remember first seeing this channel when mario 3d world first came out and I loved it honestly I wished the og stuff could come back but you know it is what it is

  17. I used to watch this when I was younger. Now with the new one on the switch it’s not the same. I used to tell my brother to type this, because I didn’t know how. time flies.

  18. I really love super mario 3d world. This was my first video watching it. I'm really happy you made it. 🙂❤️ 😎

  19. this is seven years old? I remember watching this when it first came out

  20. Wow! I remember watching these videos so much when I was younger

  21. Who’s here in 2021 just reliving old memories 😢

  22. I remember buying this game cus of them when I was only 8 years old and now I’m 16 and a junior in high school dang time flies buy fast

  23. I love looking back on videos i watched when i was 6

  24. I finally came back here this was my first ever let’s play video

  25. I always watched yous now that game is on the switch

  26. This video has more views than the Wii u sales

  27. I watched this Chanel all days 8 years algo good time

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