Super Mario 3D World: Switch vs. Wii U Comparison -

Super Mario 3D World: Switch vs. Wii U Comparison

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With Super Mario 3D World headed to Nintendo Switch, we put it head-to-head with the original Wii U version to see the differences.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury continues Nintendo’s trend of taking some of the biggest and best games from the Wii U generation and bringing it back to the much more popular Switch platform. But while this is a re-release of an eight-year-old game, it’s not without some neat quality-of-life improvements, which we showcase in this video. 

The most obvious change when viewing the games side-by-side is that character speeds have been greatly increased, both in the overworld map and inside stages themselves. You could always hold Y to dash, but now all the characters move significantly faster. This has the added effect of making Toad a much more tricky risk-reward character, since his dash was always significantly faster than other characters, and now he’s just blazing-fast. It also makes moving around the map to choose your next stage move at a speedier clip. 

The Switch version is also just more visually attractive. While the fidelity and textures look very similar, the icons have been shrunk to take less screen real estate, and the text boxes have been lightened to let you see the game world more clearly. 

And, of course, the strange microphone-blowing mechanic to move platforms has been changed so that platforms now move automatically. That odd holdover just doesn’t belong on the Switch version.

But while the game packs plenty of changes, it’s still the core game at heart. Super Mario 3D World is a rousing platforming adventure with co-op featuring four characters with relatively different power sets. Mario is the all-arounder, Luigi has his fluttery high-jump, Peach can float, and as mentioned, Toad is a little speedster. Finding your rhythm through this series of platforming stages as one of the characters is as engaging as it ever was, and now you can do it via online co-op play.

While Super Mario 3D World is the major re-release, it’s also only half of the package. The other part, Bowser’s Fury, is its own distinct game that marries parts of Super Mario Odyssey’s open-world design with power-ups and elements from 3D World. Rather than complete a series of distinct stages, you’ll be collecting new “Cat Shines” in a vast island environment and intermittently escaping the rage of Fury Bowser. Or even growing huge to battle him face-to-face. This new game is unlike either Mario Odyssey or 3D World. We’ll be showing and talking more about it and the package as a whole in the coming days with our review and launch coverage.


  1. The way the characters shuffle their feet to walk so fast in the switch version is weird. I don’t like it

  2. The UI on the switch is also so much less appealing to me :/ the removal of the x on the lives counter is strange

  3. I was wondering what they would have done for the blow platforms!

  4. 2:14 noooo they removed the blow in mic feature (well… switch has no mic)

    edit: thx for 36 likes

  5. Toad must be a monster of speed in this one

  6. Looks good, but I would have preferred a sequel. I already played through the 2013 (!) release of mario 3d world several times.


  8. Damn this game looks so nice on lg oled c9, the tv upscale the graphics

  9. Hey one question, how do the touch screen levels work ok switch? The blow feature seemed to be scrapped and im wondering if thats the sane for the touch screen blocks.

  10. Seems like the speed in the switch version is gonna be a pain at some points like when you would have to rotate the left joystick to spin and jump and then land on a pipe

  11. because the one who plays in the wii u version or doesn't make the character run?????

  12. the depth of field is better things in the distance dont seem as blurry

  13. i definitely remember the wii u version being slow with movement, so im excited for this new speed change in the switch version coming up

  14. 2:06 Has anyone ever noticed that the propeller platforms from Wii U were replaced with normal lifts on Switch?

  15. I was hoping for some graphical refinements but I guess they basically ported the Wii U game and increased character speed for some reason. Would still get it though.

  16. 2:14 I wish they did something to have the platforms match the color scheme of the level like the ones in the Wii U version kinda did

  17. Can you do momentum holding in water and through clear pipes on the switch version and can you do the ice glitch

  18. You best believe I'm only gonna be playing as Luigi in this

  19. Am I the only one that's gonna miss the mic blowing platforms?

  20. my only recent consoles are 3ds and wii u cause im broke

  21. Why did they change the blocks on the fan platform??????

  22. Wii U is hated for no reason, it’s a great console

  23. They both look the same to me, the only difference is the characters move faster on the switch version.

  24. The games look identical, except for the speed.

  25. How has the story itself changed with the bowser's fury?

  26. The difference is would you rather pay $12 or $60 for the game. I’ll stick with the $12 one.

  27. Random fact: the secret to winning the lucky coin houses is to hit the blocks to the beat

  28. Its just not worth $60 for the small and subtle improvements. Bowsers fury does not warrant the $60 either. Its cool but its short. Its just not worth 60 no matter what you say. especially when the original is like 20 bucks now.

  29. Nintendo is always the best on this, just make a copy and sell it with higher price. All these games on the AAA list of Nintendo: Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Bros, Mario 3D, Smash bros are just recycled things. It's dumb to pay another 59.99$ for the same game.

  30. Can anyone actually see any difference?

  31. Hi everyone, there have been a lot of comments about the character speeds I’d like to address. 

    With both the Wii U and Switch capture I never hit the run button on either to show just how fast the Switch version now is. It may look like the Wii U is walking when the Switch is running, but in terms of input they're both moving without holding the run button. 

    This was intentional as the running speeds on both are different (and yes, you can hold the run button on the Switch version to go faster than what you see in the video). If I was running on the Wii U version but moving at neutral speed on the Switch that wouldn’t be accurate. With future videos, I’ll be more clear about those differences by showing both run speeds and both neutral speeds. 

    Hope this clears things up, and thank you for watching! If you want to see more Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury coverage leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see!

    EDIT: The running speeds on the Switch version is much faster than the running speeds on the Wii U version. I initially said they were about the same.

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