Super Mario 3D World: Super Meowrio - PART 1 - Game Grumps -

Super Mario 3D World: Super Meowrio – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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Oh. This is fun. I’m having fun.
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  1. "At some point, we'll get the hang of like, really shitting on each other in this game." – Dan, 2020

    Oh boi, you don't know the half of it, i CAME HERE from a compilation of you two shitting on each other in games.

  2. Wait I’m from the future and I just have to say….. this audio is garbage


  4. In the subtitles Dan is put as D: so whenever he talks it always looks like he is sad XD.

  5. 2020 dan and arin fuckin suck compared to this lmao

  6. this is such a comfort series for me seeing the endless amount of Danny lovingly trolling Arin will always help me feel better

  7. This is my 4th time watching this whole series, best series ever

  8. Welp here we go with the 4th or 5th walkthrough lmao

  9. Anyone else watching this in 2021 way too hyped for Bowser's Fury?

  10. I'm surprised nobody's come back now that Super Mario 3D world is being rereleased

  11. Ask me who else is rewatching this when 3D World is less than 2 weeks to being rereleased on the Nintendo Switch?

  12. Wow…. Seven years ago, this game. Welp, I'm on precautionary quarantine. Let's watch it over again.

  13. This is the start of a beautiful betrayal. Hopefully they will continue Bowser’s Fury next month.


  14. Bowser's fury is almost it's time for some more…

    … Ma-cho maadness ohyeah it's macho maadness ohyeah it's maaadness it's macho fuckin maaadness!

  15. watching this in 2021 for the release on the switch and bowser fury!! 🙂

  16. came back to watch this playthrough since 3D World is now out for Switch

  17. Who else is watching this right when they bought it for switch?

  18. i'm rewatching this series on February 12 because 3D World is now released on SWITCH

  19. Finally playing through this game 100%. Had it on the Wii U but never finished it. Guess it's time to watch this too! Let's goooo!!!

  20. Currently watching this for the first time, in 2021 while I take a shit. Cause why not

  21. Wow 11 minute episodes, they're so short.

  22. The series gets good when Dan switches to Toad🤣

  23. Maybe not my childhood game, but this is by far one of my favorite mario games.

  24. Going back and watching this is really funny. Back when Dan didn’t really get 3D spaces in games yet

  25. So who else is rewatching the series of Dan trolling Arin and waiting for them to play it again and with Browsers fury

  26. Watching Dan play hurts my soul sometimes

  27. I can't believe this six year old game was just 'released' on the switch.

  28. after their reaction to coop moments i had to come rewatch this series

  29. I've started a 100% completion guide of 3D world on my channel if anyone's interested

  30. Back watching my favorite grumps series again

  31. I'm sorry, this game is how old?! I thought this came out sometime around 2017. Wow

  32. Bowser is like Mr Crocker (Fairly Oddparents)

    Crocker: Fairy Godparents!!

  33. Who’s rewatching after they finally played Bowser’s Fury

  34. To be honest this give me so many memories super Mario 3D world was a good game tbh

  35. 8:10, beautiful hilarious foreshadowing of what awaits Arin in this play through

  36. The future they play a eh dlc for this game

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