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Super Mario 3D World Online Gameplay

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  1. I don't care about lag, just want to make people's life impossible

  2. Beep block stage music having more tempo swings than gen 5 pokemon music

  3. I haven’t gotten a SINGLE person to join….. or any rooms to join. Wtf?!?!?!

  4. There is no option for me to play online mode.. 😣

  5. Nintendo really needs to find another company to do their online for them

  6. Do every player need to have the game on their switch to play online? There is no clear answer whatsoever about that. Also for the players who wants to join there is no info from where they should start to connect…

  7. Dumb me waiting forever for someone to join thinking it was online multiplayer w random people

  8. It is not allowing me and my friends to play do u mind creating a tutorial

  9. It be better if each person had their own camera that way if you behind and you jump you don’t calculate the jump wrong and die

  10. why cant i find any rooms to play with other people?is it only friends?

  11. I can't even test it out because no one is fucking playing online.

  12. it sucks i cannot join online because my switch online expired

  13. Yeah when I try and play online there are never any rooms a I had the game since Monday

  14. Im about to buy this game so i can play with my friend, might aswell check what its like on here

  15. My friend code/mi código de amigo: SW-6527-4800-4703

    I'm looking for people to play the game online in Switch.

    Busco a gente con quien jugar online al juego

  16. I got excited when I found out there was online multiplayer…..then I realized that you can ONLY play with friends. Yeah that suck considering this is one of those games where I'm the only one out of my friends that actually has the game. Thanks anyways…..

  17. If anyone wants a friend to play with here’s my code! SW-0619-5996-1773

  18. the teamwork at 1:38 ive always wanted instead my friends would battle each other to get up there lmao

  19. Alguien que me pase su código de amigo porfis 🙁

  20. Trying to make friends in this Game 🎮love it.😍🥰. My Friend code is SW-7304-1672-0525🤞🏼
    Game on guys🕹🎮
    Stay safe🙏🏼

  21. I don’t found anyone to play 😔

  22. Beep Block Skyway has some lag, but it doesnt look unplayable.

  23. The question has to be those who have the game on my friends list to play online or alateoria d search online game ?

  24. Thank god I own it on Wii U and pirated the switch version. What a waste of money this would've been.

  25. Everytime I try to join a room it says no rooms found do you know why?

  26. This seems cool. But is this on the Wii U version?

  27. Who wants to play I never played this game online yet lol

  28. Do people still play the online mode because my sister got this game yesterday and no one is in

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