Super Mario 3D World Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 87 -

Super Mario 3D World Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 87

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In this episode we check out the glitches and oddities in Super Mario 3D World. Meow!

Glitches –
1. No Face Glitch – 0:19
2. 1-1 Invisible Out of Bounds Water Pool – 1:05
3. World Map Glitches – 1:28
4. Shell Floating Glitches – 1:58
5. 1-Up Exploit – 2:29
6. Shell Duplication Glitch – 2:45
7. Shell Duplication Crash – 3:22
8. Item/Power-up Duplication Glitch – 4:13
9. Baddie Box Sound Glitch – 4:39
10. Invisible Bomb’s Glitch – 5:00
11. Inactive Fire Bro Glitch – 5:34
12. Madpole Glitch – 6:01
13. Snow Pokey Glitch – 6:28
14. Small Toad Snowball Glitch – 6:51
15. Ice Speed Glitch – 7:07
16. No Wall Collision in Trick Trap Tower – 8:39
17. Captain Toad in a Block Glitch – 8:58
18. Wind Sound Glitch – 9:23
19. No Head on Cat Toad Glitch – 9:43
20. World Bowser Out of Bounds – 10:50
21. Cat Momentum – 11:48
22. Mount Beanpole Visual Breakdown Glitch – 12:41
23. Meowser Skip – 14:00
24. Social Media Plug – 15:12
25. Credits – 15:44

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A+Start with Andy
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  1. For those who didn't know i discovered that the gliding glitch from 3d world with the fire flower and tanooki suit is still possible

  2. Wait does the bomb bomb glitch work with the invincible cat suite.

  3. I know lot’s of glitches in Other games.

    Do bowsers fury

  4. Is there any way to fix that game it is broken but is there actually way to fix it

  5. 400z sliding backward told Cliff still works in the new Switch port

  6. it's ultimate nightmare fuel because blue Todd is unstoppable and imagine blue Todd without a head walking into my house. 😂😂😂😂

  7. The face and eyes are in different files

  8. You dare commit a French Revolution on my toad brethren

  9. I don't even play this game, i just love A+Start ❤

  10. I found a Toad glitch in the switch version

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  12. If you only do videos based on glitches, your YouTube account should be 'Son of a Glitch'!

  13. Can you do all these glitches in the switch version

  14. There is another invincibility leaf glitch

  15. You made the Wii U actually good!!!

  16. The invisible toad head glitch is just his head turning insanely tiny

  17. 5:45 and that’s when the attack comes, not from the front, but from the sides. The other two raptors you didn’t even know were there

  18. The first glitch is still in the switch version (aka + bowsers fury)

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