Super Mario 3D World, but the levels are SMALL?! (SM3DW Mods) -

Super Mario 3D World, but the levels are SMALL?! (SM3DW Mods)

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Super Mario 3D World, but the levels are SMALL?! (SM3DW Mods)

🎮 Super Mini 3D World is a mod of Super Mario 3D World where
every level from World 1, World 2, and World 3 has been scaled down by 50%.

👉 Get the mod here:
👌 Mod by: Mayro
👍 Mayro’s channel:

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  1. super mario 3d world but mario throw a mini mushroom on all levels 😏😏😏😁😁😁😄😄

  2. This hack reminds me of a similar hack of SM64 ❤️

  3. i like this a lot can we all can we get a part 2

  4. Hey Darby I got a challenge for you on the Mario switching games thing!!! Beat the first bowser in Mario 64

  5. Its been a while since you made a Minecraft video

    Do a playthrough!

  6. You should do the floor is lava mod which is also made by Mayro.

  7. I really wanted to mod my switch at the same time want to play online without risk of getting banned.

  8. There a big mario 3d world mod, you can check out darby

  9. So glad that you have a modded switch now Darby- does that mean you're gonna start making your own Mario Maker 2 mods (like when you did SMM 1)?-

  10. the real question is: really the smaller level or is it Mario who is bigger?

  11. Mayro is awesome
    You should check out some of her other mods

  12. I want to see the One Way Mario is small please that be cool

  13. Why you no use pointer? It makes those switch levels easier and you no have to move to hit soccer balls back

  14. 15:41 Giant Luigi. This was released during the Year of Luigi, not that anybody cared since it was the Wii U and nobody wanted it for some reason.

  15. You could get 3 👑👑👑s for getting lives

  16. Darby always forgets that you can crouch walk in 3D world.

  17. Hey BTG
    Please play new super mario forever 2012

  18. Hey Darby!
    How did you get a modded switch and where? And also how do you download?
    (I don't have a modded switch.)

  19. Hi Darby could you please make a mod of bowser,s fury or super Mario 3D world😀😀😀

  20. 3:51: this is how u get lives in mario 3d land, u jump on a koopa by a bit ? block, in this one you go into the small crevice and its faster but I guess u cant in this cause its to small

  21. Hey Darby Can you play more mario maker 2 with morgan

  22. There is a BOTW mod that changes an overworld boss into Shrek, it looks so hilarious.

  23. What I thought interesting about the Bowser fight was, that the big Mario looks kinda normal sized compared to Bowser. The normal sized Mario looks undersized.

  24. It’s like playing Tiny Huge Island in tiny form.

  25. You should play with lair if it is possible, cause 2 Players always make things funnier

  26. Alternative title: mario always has a mega mushy

  27. The Bowser fight was more like if Bowser and Mario had the Smash Bros. sizes in other games.

  28. This mod looks like a lot of fun!

  29. Hahaha that was so good! Love seeing mods like this! Do some Breath of the Wild mods too, that would be sweet. Keep up the great work dude!

  30. BTG you made something better to brighten our day :

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