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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review

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Reviewed by Cam Shea on Nintendo Switch.

“Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury packs a tonne of engaging gameplay, but neither component comes together as elegantly as it might have done. This is a solid option if you’re craving more Super Mario for your Switch, but it’s not the moustachioed must-play I was hoping for.”


  1. Lets ask for super mario 3d all starts 2
    Mario 3d land galaxy 2 and 64 ds

  2. “This game has a constant visual theme” -7/10

  3. 7/10

    It does not have something for everyone -IGN

  4. Did this guy actually call Wario Ware “Mario Ware”

  5. disliked for making people think the game is worse than mario u deluxe.

  6. a 2d Mario Game Port with almost no improvements: 8/10
    a 3d Mario Game which has so many changes and A NEW GAME WHICH IS ALMOST WORTHS 60 DOLLARS BY ITSELF: 7/10

  7. IGN your reviews are far from accurate disappointing


  9. why did he spent reviewing half of Bowser's Fury part for complaining about a 10 minute boss fight?

  10. "Gone is the concept of lives… " just what Mario was built on that's all smh

  11. Having so many cat shrines which need bowser to destroy some blocks is freaking annoying. And that he appears all 5 seconds is the worst. If they had removed bowser till the end it would have been much better

  12. This is one of the best mario games ever! Please be positive next time and ask friends, family and other gamers around you 😀👍

  13. If you don't like cats then you have no soul in this game

  14. This "Review" perfectly sums up the "The game cheated" mentality.

  15. Someone Sack The Guy who Reviewed this… :/

  16. For anyone wondering, the actual game for Wii U got a much higher score, this one is probably lower because it’s a port and not an original game

  17. Never let this guy near a mario game ever again.

  18. Watch Dunkey's video review on these games WAY more accurate

  19. IF YoU WANT tO Be Invisable maby you should not jump of cliffs aaaaaaaHHhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. This guy turns around and gives COD 2021 a 9/10

  21. Wow he gave it a 7/10 and people acting like it was a 4/10 in the comments!. Didnt think he was that unfair towards this, 7 is not a bad score.:P

  22. Whats the best mario switch games if this one was just a 7?

  23. This dude wants the game to be given to him on a silver platter. Complaining about the littlest things.

    Do you want to have fun?

  24. The problem with this review isn't that he gave it a 7/10, but it's because he is criticizing the game for things that the game doesn't represent.

  25. Why is it so common for people whose literal JOB it is to play games to be so terrible at them?

  26. Thank you Ign for once again ruining metacritic

  27. Idk what crack IGN is smoking for this but yikes. A 7?? Deserves a 9 at least.

  28. These jokes fell flatter than my grades

  29. First, you criticized Sonic, now Mario. I’m done.

  30. honey ure just bad at the game, its not the games fault <3

  31. You sound like someone that’s never satisfied.👎🏽

  32. It’s the same game but better why does it have a lower score then before

  33. Wasn't a huge fan of Bowser's Fury and if you're an older gamer who's played every Mario game, 3D World feels very samey. I'm not gonna disagree too strongly with a 7.
    Maybe score it higher if you've never played a Mario game before.

  34. Can't believe you made Mario take 7 while Knack takes 7.2
    I mean Knack is a masterpiece, but why give Mario only 7?

  35. How does a Port that has more content than the original get a lower review score than the Original Game?

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