Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Review -

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury packages one of the best recent Mario games with a delightfully odd new experience.

Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be available on Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021. You can read the full written Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury review by Steve Watts on

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Super Mario 3D World
03:40 – Bowser’s Fury
08:26 – Outro


  1. I wish Nintendo would give Mario 64 the Switch treatment. I know there have been remakes, but they have not looked this good.

  2. Great review that embraces the game for what it is.

  3. lets be honest. Your here because of the IGN review aren't you

  4. Lmfao oh look….another Wii u game on a console that has been a cash grab to make up for the Wii u

  5. (In nerdy voice) umm, ACTUALLY, Captain Toad made hits first appearance as an NPC in Super Mario Galaxy. 3D World was only his first PLAYABLE appearance. Why don’t you try doing actual research for once! (Snorts, readjusts glasses)

  6. Bowser's Fury is a sequel to Mario Sunshine.

  7. Great review, not like IGN which was a shame

  8. After playing Bowser's Fury, I can say that it's better than Odyssey for me. Odyssey lacked platforming, something that Bowser's Fury has a lot of. If this is the direction the next Mario game is going towards, I'm super excited.

  9. "Mario has a cat costume and he can also throw cats and grow into a very big cat." 7/10 IGN

  10. I just got a Switch last month, never played this game not surprising since I haven't played a Nintendo system since Gamecube. Is this worth the money?

  11. "a·nach·ro·nis·tic" – belonging to a period other than that being portrayed. – Your Welcome

  12. I started to avoid IGN since they barely got good taste, I remember when IGN were actually good in the past. Guess I will keep seeing other sources now

  13. Not gonna lie, I thought the title was “Bowser’s Furry” lol

  14. The game is fantastic but the online mode is a bad experience for me. I've played with someone in another Canadian province from me, and I've played with family back in the UK. The lag is gross, especially when you pay for NSO. Funny thing is, its not the Switch or my internet that is the problem. Switch Stardew Valley online works perfectly as does playing Xbox, PS5 or Steam games. Nintendo seemingly just fail at network code.

  15. Idk why it isn’t a 10 for what the game does it’s perfect .

  16. I'm glad you have actual complaints about the game instead of IGN who didn't like how the assist power up wasn't an automatic win button or how everything is cat.

  17. Man toad does have such a comically large size backpack.


  19. I came to watch this so I knew I wanted the game for sure

  20. Whoa the IGN review seemed fair to me but this review seems like it’s about an entirely different game. I’m awful at mario games so getting this game never crossed my mind but the stark difference of opinion between Gamespot and IGN definitely reinforces the idea that this is subjective af and you should probably check out different opinions before making a decision.

  21. So glad this game is getting the respect it deserves over the past year. I always thought it was really slept on, it's easily one of the best Mario games, 2d or 3d.

  22. not worth it, maybe if it had more than one world with cheap islands

  23. Unsubscribed from IGN.
    Subscribed to GameSpot.

  24. i'm gonna argue that Galaxy introduced Captain Toad. but this game obv. introduced the captain toad mini game

  25. Better than IGN‘s „Cats die when jumping off 7/10“

  26. I've started a 100% completion guide of 3D world on my channel if anyone's interested

  27. I love how british people pronounces Mario: "MAAAHHHRIOU"

  28. I bought the game for Super Mario 3D World which I highly enjoyed on WiiU and launched Bowser’s Fury without any high hopes given the ‘bad’ previews this ‘addition’ had. And color me surprised but that game is awesome, I couldn’t put down the controller for 4 hours straight. This game is the missing link between SM3DW and Mario Oddyssey and it’s pure fun, a real hidden gem. The open world makes you seamlessly explore the world, looking for cat stars and secrets literally everywhere. Mario Oddyssey felt big and empty to me and I often got bored to death of endlessly walking around and in Bowser’s Fury it’s a joy. Stuff everywhere, cats everywhere XD So give it a chance and try it out!

  29. Came here to cleanse myself of the utterly disgusting IGN review.

  30. They got the review right unlike ign but got it wrong with tropical freeze

  31. great game I play it with my dad (he used to play on the first nintendo console) and we think it's pretty good good for family

  32. IGN gave it 7when they gave the original 9.3 I think it was

  33. I find it funny gamespot give this game a well deserved 9 since bowers fury is amazing and ign was like 7 "too much cats"

  34. Sorry but Captain Toad debuted at super mario galaxy 💀

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