Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It? -

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

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  1. I'm just playing 3D world for the first and it's awesome, but the games reliance on the cat suit for almost every collectible is driving me up the wall.

    Not to mention it's just easier to get the "top flag" checkmark on each level with that thing. Especially when you die and lose your power-up and then have to go to another level to get one, that absolutely sucks!

  2. I was super disappointed this Friday, not because of the game itself, but because my local post office decided to slack off that day and didn't deliver my copy of the game, forcing me to wait until at least tomorrow Monday until I can start playing this. And I was all set up to have a complete Mario weekend. 🥺

  3. As someone who already played this on Wii U, i HIGHLY recommend this! Hell, i bought the port and I don’t question my decision one bit, even though my Wii U and copy of 3D World are 10 feet away from me. If you’ve enjoyed a Mario game before, you will enjoy this one.

    EDIT: Bowser’s Fury’s performance in handheld isn’t that bad at all. Here and there i’ll notice a quick frame rate dip or a little pop in but like 90% of the time it’s great in my experience.

  4. Mario and Luigi ‘do plumbing’ in Superstar Saga, my good sir.

  5. I think it would of been more worth it if they kept bowser's fury but also gave us a upscaled 3d land with 3d world graphics and physics (since the 3ds is also a dead console at this point, but 3d land might be basic, it's still one of the strongest mario titles for the system, especially more so than "new" super mario bros 2 lol)

  6. I have yet to try out the online ft. None of my friends has this game yet 😑😑

  7. Just got it. Man the games way too fast!! I prefer the WIi U speed.

  8. The fact that this reviewer do the Mario review with more respect than even that fucking dumbass IGN, you know something went horribly wrong.

  9. But is it worth it if I already have it on Wii U?

  10. This is the second time they made the remake a new game

  11. Nintendo life is better than IGN

    like if you agree

  12. Am I the only one who really needs to get used to the new running speed? I’ve only played World one so far but I think I’ve died around 5 times by jumping further then I wanted to go which resulted falling in a pit. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now it’s quite annoying since muscle memory isn’t that reliable with the new running speed

  13. Bowser's Fury was spoiled by the Bowser mechanic

  14. Read it as bowser’s a furry, not wrong

  15. I'm not one for buying remakes or games that have been re released from a previous generation console, but for this game I was more then happy to make an exception. Brought it on Wiiu on its release in 2013 and it's one of my all time favourite games. It's great to be able to have it on the switch with more content. Wonderful game.

  16. every mario 11/10, 11/10. old? 60 euro? no matter!!! – 11/10!!!

  17. I think I could easily say this is the best Wii U port Nintendo has put out

  18. I love this game me and my cousins use to play this game I was so bad

  19. I need some help on a decision, should I get this game or 3d all stars? Keep in mind I have never played any of the games. I also want a game that I can pick up every now and then.

  20. As a non-Mario game switch owner this title does look interesting to me. But I’m still not sure. It’s worth it, but also for someone who never played Mario games and is not sure they will like the platforming? Or are there better entry games for that? I’m annoyed that the price almost never goes down to try it out.

  21. This is a weird game for me. I decided to give it a shot because it seemed like it was more 2D traversal than total 3D. For some reason my brain can't always figure out where Mario is in the space. I end up missing jumps, not hitting boxes or jumping off a ledge in the background and foreground way too much. I have to take it slow. Maybe it's a sign of age.

  22. Does this game support 4 player on one console? Like for couch play and stuff? Thank you to anyone who can answer

  23. How can anyone watch IGN when you blimmin exist!!

  24. Remember your article about how people think that Fury Bowser is hot? I’m one of those people and I plan to compete with Ash Parish (the Kotaku writer who made that one article about it) and make sure she doesn’t lay a finger on my Bowser!! Prepare for a fight, Ash! I’m not letting Bowser go so easily!😈

    Btw, Ash does those articles for all monsters not just Bowser. She will no longer interfere with MY relationship with Bowser!

  25. still waiting for a mario 3d land port onto the switch

  26. I already bought it 😂 why am I watching this lol

  27. Should I buy this, legend of Zelda, or paper Mario?

  28. Im glad they ported it, this game is underrated on the wii u

  29. I bought the game for Super Mario 3D World which I highly enjoyed on WiiU and launched Bowser’s Fury without any high hopes given the ‘bad’ previews this ‘addition’ had. And color me surprised but that game is awesome, I couldn’t put down the controller for 4 hours straight. This game is the missing link between SM3DW and Mario Oddyssey and it’s pure fun, a real hidden gem. The open world makes you seamlessly explore the world, looking for cat stars and secrets literally everywhere. Mario Oddyssey felt big and empty to me and I often got bored to death of endlessly walking around and in Bowser’s Fury it’s a joy. Stuff everywhere, cats everywhere XD So give it a chance and try it out! Plus it's very long to fully complete

  30. BF was fun to play, but as you're nearing the end, the interruptions become more and more tedious, and I was happy once I had completed the game. Mario fans should try this one.

  31. I beat and played it on Wii U and bought it again to play on my switch! One of my favorite Mario games I even like it more then Mario odyssey lol.

  32. Does anyone know about the flags on the world map…when you clear levels, some of the M flags are red, some are yellow. I think it correlates with the collectibles, but even that doesn’t make much sense with how I’ve cleared some of these levels. Lol.

  33. I have never played this game or know much about it, all I know is that it has some kind of cat power? I've recently finished school and with some saved up money, I'm going to the store tomorrow and might buy this, is it worth it currently?

  34. I just jumped on board to the switch and want a proper Mario game. Considering this over Oddysey

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