Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch -

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is available Now:

Enjoy 2 Mario adventures in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game—available now on Nintendo Switch! Power up, team up, one up to save the Sprixie Kingdom in Super Mario 3D World, then pounce into the new Bowser’s Fury adventure.

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  1. Meow meow meow! Nothing feels better than the inside of a cat!

  2. Please give me nintendo switch with mario games

  3. I'm really hoping to get this game having not had the Wii U.

  4. Both were great games thanks Nintendo for giving me this opportunity to play both!

    Excited for what's to come !!!!

  5. Hi nintendo.Can you pls add local wireless for bowsers fury?.I am playing on nintendo switch lite with my cousin and we dont have wireless controllers.Can you pls fix this so we can play multiplayer together?

  6. Yey super mario unban now im can play alot games 🙂

  7. Are we gonna ignore that mario basically gose great ape super sayin

  8. I feel sorry for the Wii u. Nintendo wants to forget that thing ever exsited……

  9. I miss this but I can’t get it because my grades aren’t good enough, meaning I can’t have my child hood back because I’m not smart enough for it

  10. reply to this comment if you want to add me so we can play this game since i have no one to play with lol

  11. Nintendo you sould have used a remixed version of the boom boom boss fight theme for the bowser fight in bowsers fury. That would have been cool

  12. Cool !!
    Love very much re do 3D World
    It just a little sad we can't anymore blow in mic to make move certain platform and see tiny goomba fall in lol & Bowser fury is an excellent bonus !
    Next Mario 3D Gamea can you add possibility to be in the Klown Kopter like Mario Maker 1-2 !? 🙂

  13. Por que no hacen new super mario bros all stars con new super mario bros ds new super mario bros wii y new super mario bros 2

  14. I still have my Wii U and the original release for this game.

  15. I finished 3d world a couple of days ago. It was okay.

  16. Porfa pongan para android el juego para cualquier dispositivo

  17. Am I tripping or was that not exactly how Super Sonic fought Chaos on Sonic Adventure? Like identical: shiny and golden flying in the water around city ruins against the enemy who's now giant.

  18. I honestly wished Bowser’s Fury was sold separately because I would SO play this, I just don’t want to have to buy Super Mario 3D World again & play it again to play Bowser’s Fury.

  19. Wait, is Bowser singing in the Bowser's fury music?

  20. BroitsZMTheKongAndGodzillafanMarioZMfan says:

    I have this game

  21. BroitsZMTheKongAndGodzillafanMarioZMfan says:

    The giga bell is + Mario big

  22. BroitsZMTheKongAndGodzillafanMarioZMfan says:

    And hair on back

  23. Esté juego yo lo tengo siempre lo juego

  24. Okay people, we can bury the wii u now without missing anything

  25. I Got The Game From Walmart. Back In February 12th 2021.

  26. I Play Bowsers Fury On My Nintendo Switch

  27. I played this game so much, I kept having nightmares when I sleep, until I beat the game 100%

  28. While I was at my dad’s I was waiting for this trailer and in some time it came. Ye

  29. Quiero Mario 3D world y Bowser's Fury por favor

  30. I thought this was a new game but besides the bowser part of it it's an old game from 2013 at ridiculous $80 price tag. Nintendo's gotta put these old games at bargain prices. Super Mario party is still $80 over 3 years later that's murder. I'm outraged I tell yeah. Im considering getting these games but not at these prices. When's super Mario party 2 coming out

  31. Bowser's fury is the best mario game ever, thanks Nintendo

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