Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Co-op Gameplay -

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Co-op Gameplay

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Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow (translation – Nintendo Minute is never a minute)! Today we’re so excited to play some co-op Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and specifically Bowser’s Fury. It’s very cool that with this game you’re really getting two adventures and Bowser’s Fury is really unique and different than Super Mario 3D World. In Bowser’s Fury, we get to explore this open world and try our best to stay out of Fury Bowser’s way. Good thing we have the Giga Bell to turn us into Giga Mario! The game launches on Feb. 12 so let us know if you’ll be picking this up on Nintendo Switch in the comments below. Cat-ch you later!

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-Kit & Krysta

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  1. Why can’t I be at Nintendo Minute I don’t have anybody to play Bowser’s Fury with I can only play 3D World with people online

  2. thanks nintendo for the game I’m playing super mario 3d world I love it thx

  3. Who would've thought Bowser Jr. would be teaming up with Mario after what happened in Mario + Rabbids.

  4. When i play this game I grab a kitty cat, (Sometimes pretend to be its dad,) I go to shallow water and I try to get the cat to like water.

  5. Mario and Bowser legit have a Kaiju battle, and a love it

  6. Twitter gonna get triggered cuz Mario throwing cats now

  7. Gotta love Nintendo. My favorite, Mario. The games are great. Love it!

  8. I like Bauser’s ferry a lot and I haven’t even got it

  9. La verdad es que es jugar en equipo es casi imposible por causa de la cámara.
    Mal ahí nintendo.

  10. I heard that only 1 person has to buy the game if you want to play co op online with a friend .. is it true? And how does it work

  11. when did you get super mario 3D world + bowser's fury?

  12. Awesome video & Mario is so adorable no matter what 🥰

  13. I like how they referenced the "shine get" from Super Mario Sunshine, and how I actually like watching these.

  14. yeah, this makes me wish i had 60 bucks now

  15. Its like for every main mario game they spin a wheel on what animal is going to be the leitmotif for the entire game, and this time it landed on House Cat again so they were like "okay for this game, lets do what we did with 3D World, except increase the spread of the animal's traits to every single object and creature, instead of just limiting it to a cool powerup we scripted during downtime"

    "oh and also peach is playable so she legally cannot be stolen, how about we make a Paper Mario Color Splash reference and make bowser angry for no exact reason other than he's fed up with a 35-year-old Brooklyn plumber's shenanigans"

    and now we have bowser's fury

    also in my opinion open-world mario games with no limited camera are the best types. you get to explore a large land with collectibles and secrets and that's my favorite thing. we haven't gotten an open-world since Odyssey and even that isn't much of a free roam game

  16. Petition for a super Mario galaxy 2 remake on the switch

  17. This bowser furry is looks like mario odesey, hey guys did you play before mario odeseytell me right now!

  18. Does this have splitscreen or is the camera always going to be focused on player 1?

  19. This game is perfect for you guys lol and plus ima littel it’s a cat type Pokémon

  20. U could've got a fury block shine during the bowser phase

  21. "My heart's like kinda beating fast" Champion's road would make it explode.

  22. I love Nintendo very much and Nintendo Minute is at another level

  23. Sara Twin 36 Rashid 🥰 Rachel R And Angel,,,😎 says:


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