Super Mario 3D Tier List -

Super Mario 3D Tier List

Captain Astronaut
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Just in time for fall, here’s some SPICY hot takes about Mario Games. Please Laugh. Hopefully this video can help put your mind at ease for a little bit during…ya know…everything happening today.

Barry Kramer’s Mario Galaxy Video:

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Super Mario 3d Land Snow Mountain Remix (Trap Remix):
SUPER MARIO 64 (Trap Remix) – File Select Theme:
Cracka Khan – Dire Dire Docks (Trap Remix):
John Cena Theme Ultra Bass Boosted
Koopa’s Road Dubstep Remix (Super Mario 64) – Liberatingpulse:
Super 3D Space Jam World 64:
Cardi B – WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) But It’s Dire, Dire Docks (Prod. by Cracka Khan):
Delfino Plaza Hype – Fluctuate – Trap Remix:
Super Mario Sunshine – Bianco Hills Trap Remix:
Super Mario Sunshine – Ricco Harbor [Remix]:
Isle Del-Lo-Fi Super Mario Sunshine:
Super Mario Galaxy – Good Egg Galaxy (Remix):
Sins of the Father – Metal Gear Solid V OST
Super Mario Galaxy OST – Gusty Garden Galaxy Trap Remix:
Super Mario Galaxy – Buoy Base Galaxy [TRAP STARS]:
Spinach Rag – Final Fantasy VI OST
Galaxy 2:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Yoshi Star Galaxy (PeepTheCow Trap Remix):
3D Land:
Super Mario 3D Land – Beach Theme Remix:
3D World:
Super Mario 3D World – Main Theme (DJ Cutman Trap Remix):
Gas Gas Gas – Manuel
Super Bell Hills [Electro Swing REMIX] Super Mario 3D World:
Stay – Victoria
SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Wooded Kingdom (Trap Remix):


  1. Why aren’t you putting them in letter tiers??!!

  2. What’s the point of having letter tiers at this point!!!

  3. Yeah I agree that smg2 is the best 3D game but I’m kinda angry that you trashed Mario kart wii like that

  4. Time matters. Mario 64 was released in an era where open world 3d gaming didn't exist on consoles until it came out. You can't judge it next to Galaxy 2

  5. Honestly I’m not gonna give this video an alphabetical tier, instead, I’m gonna give it a 3D tier.

  6. I agree, mario 64 is just boring, Idk why people always say that it’s the best mario game.

  7. Mario kart wii sucks

    Ah shit, here we go again

  8. Hating bees when they are actually the things that are basically keeping us alive xd.

  9. My list:
    1 (best). Galaxy 2
    2. Galaxy
    3. Odyssey
    4. 3D World
    5. Sunshine
    6. 3D Land
    7. 64 DS
    8. 64

  10. I totally agree about mario 64. Just played it recently as my first 3d mario and although it has a lot of charm, I couldn't get pass the dated controls and camera. I can see how it was so great for it's time though.

  11. finally. FINALLY. somebody who thinks mario 64 is very overrated and mario sunshine is very underrated. me and my sister grew up on it and we've always said its the best and so unique. its suspended on my switch as i type this 😂

  12. So refreshing to hear. 64 was the first 3d game, it was a huge innovation. It’s legacy cannot be denied. None if this make it the best. It was the best at it’s time, but hardware and software have come so far, and have such better graphics, controls, frames ect.

  13. FINALLY someone tells the truth about Super Mario 64! I’m so tired of people having nostalgia goggles about it because they played it in its prime.

  14. 22:06 the assessment for mario galaxy was spot on it was a pretty game when i was a kid but coming back to it its pretty slow

  15. Just a simple man working his way in the universe says:

    Someone critquing 64? It's about time.

  16. im happy that this guy doesnt place mario 64 at first, cuz ppl act like it was the best game ever, bcuz it was "nostalgic"

  17. Super Mario 3D Land is B
    Super Mario 64 is C
    Super Mario Galaxy is S
    Super Mario 3D World is B
    Super Mario Sunshine is C
    Super Mario Odyssey is A
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is S

  18. That camera in 64 was hell on earth😂😂😂

  19. The most annoying thing for me for Super Mario Galaxy was the swimming levels. I would spend forever because the camera angles kept changing.

  20. I don’t think his argument for 64 was solid. Him saying the game is repetitive would mean he doesn’t like the 2d platformers. Of course it’s the same thing over and over. The only thing that should change is the way you get the star, but even then i would argue it is way different. You need to solve a whole ton of puzzles for most of the stars. Don’t look up for the solutions online! That’s where the fun is!

  21. I've never been more triggered at a video that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  22. Good video, but it would've been funnier without the rant about 3D All-Stars. Kinda contrasts with the tone of the rest of the video

  23. well i'm completely alienated form this list… just pure strange

  24. how old are you? I'm 28, never had a N64 but a Gamecube and loved Sunshine and hate 64. Now i like you even more dude hahaha

  25. I feel like you can’t judge a game if you haven’t fully experienced it in full. Btw I grew up with the ds Version of super Mario 64 and I personally think that that one is better

  26. " I'm probably not gonna buy the 3d world re-release" Streams it 3 times with Vic, Squidmin, and Mijou

  27. 3D Land
    3D World
    Galaxy 2

    That is what you expected to hear.

  28. yea 3d land also had the "oops you gotta collect old stars to continue"

  29. Mario Sunshine is such a good game, it’s underrated and deserves better because it does have a lot of hate. I know it has a lot of love too though thankfully. It was always my favourite childhood game and I grew up with it. I still think galaxy and Mario 64 are fun and good as well, especially galaxy 2 omg so good. But there is something about sunshine, that game is a beautiful fun masterpiece that doesn’t deserve the hate in my opinion

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