Super Mario 3D Land - World 6 (Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough) -

Super Mario 3D Land – World 6 (Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is Part 6 of the Super Mario 3D Land Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS! This video features 100% of World 6 including all 3 Star Coins of W6-1, W6-2, W6-3, W6-4, W6-5, and W6-Airship.

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Thanks for watching my Super Mario 3D Land Gameplay and Walkthrough on the 3DS! The Nintendo 3DS is awesome, and I’m excited to see how this 3D Mario game turns out! You may have seen the trailer or demo, but this playthrough will include everything! If you’re a fan of Nintendo or any of the classic Mario platformers, then let’s play Super Mario 3D Land! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Super Mario 3D Land today!

A great storm has blown through the Mushroom Kingdom, blowing Super Leaves all over the place! In the chaos, a princess has been kidnapped, and monsters throughout the land have taken on the powers of the Super Leaf for themselves. Looks like another job for Mario to power-up, power through, and save the day.



Name: Super Mario 3D Land
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: November 13, 2011


  1. I really enjoyed this game when I played it, but it was extremely easy.

  2. I'm pretty sure the extra time is so you can get the coin bonus at the end

  3. Beep boop beet boop ding beep boop beet boop ding O O o beep boop Beet beet Ding

  4. Playing this game makes me extremely nervous ( my palms become very sweaty and i gasp every 5 seconds)

    And just watching him play gives me the same effect because literally every where he died, i died as well xD

  5. secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch says:

    I like this one song when he go into the level that weird sound that has a Beat I like that I like that a lot I would give it credit like 4 times good

  6. u can get infenete lives in the FIRST cheep cheep part! u need a tail though.

  7. 2:30, great u now have a tail! now go back to the FIRST cheep cheep part and let the lives begin!

  8. How do you do it on mine I can’t make it past world 5 on Mario wii

  9. You can also play as luigi at world 1 special castle I think

  10. I can't reach this world. I have 8 star medals and World 5 castle requires 50 star medals.

  11. Mario Good Luck Dude don’t Fall Down Again Zackscott always fail Okay

  12. Princess Peach So Pretty Zackscott Games Zackscott Always Fail Okay Again

  13. That did you know that you could do the tornado move from Super Mario 3D World

  14. Go back in all the levels that you missed the gold flag

  15. I am scared to death about world 6-3 in this game

  16. World 6 was pretty much my favorite world! Then world 4 and seven

  17. These 3D land videos were my childhood 😁

  18. ZackScott Moore Oklahoma nice Hair Dude🤔😎😃👏😀

  19. There's something inside the one water falls in the first level cant remember what it it though

  20. Thanks so much zack i finished the whole game cause you helped me thank you

  21. Sometimes I think mario stages are just a young child’s imagination

  22. How do you record these old games on your computer and then upload them to YouTube? If you don't mind me asking you🤔🤔

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