Super Mario 3D Land Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 43 -

Super Mario 3D Land Glitches – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 43

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In this episode we take a look at the glitches in Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated towards the 3DS capture card so that this episode could be made!

Glitches –
1. Title Screen Double Music
2. Luigi Running Glitch
3. Long Jump Of Death (World 1-1)
4. Infinite 1-Up Glitch (World 1-2)
5. Tanooki Gliding Glitch
6. Disappearing Goomba (World 2-1)
7. Baddie Box Glitch (World 2-4)
8. Die In A Warp Box (World 2 Air-ship)
9. Platform Shadow Glitch
10. World 3-2 Out of Bounds, Swim Through Floor
11. Enemy Spawn Glitch (Special World 4-1)
12. Float In Mid-air (World 4-3)
13. Coins In The Wall (World 7-1)
14. Camera Glitch (World 7-5)
15. Spike Ball Shake (World 8-1)
16. Lava Float Glitch (World 8, Bowser’s Castle 2)
17. Bowser’s Castle 1 Softlock

A+Start with Andy
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  1. You can BLJ in this game. You just don't gain more speed when doing it.

  2. I'll try and do the glitches after I'm done with the final few special worlds I need to complete. Also, yes I am going mentally insane because I'm also trying to beat the game 100%. That means they got to be every level by reaching the top of the flagpole, getting every Star Coin, beating Bowser, and beating every level with Mario and Luigi. Tell me that's not enough to make me stop playing Mario forever.


    It's not…

  3. I do the infinite 1up glitch on the koopa near the triple ? block on the ground. It's a lot faster!

  4. That camera thing in 7-5 still works, and it works while wall-jumping! (Yes, I tried this while wall jumping, deal with it.)

  5. GOD I MISS THIS GAME!!! I lost it and now I'm personally mortified

  6. 1:40 you can actually do it to the koopa on the left and the setup is easier because as soon as you step on the koopa you automaticlly do it without jumping it just happens continually

  7. I like the infinity 1 up the koopa troopa Grinch

  8. I was actually trying to do some of these glitches and found that if you go to the rainbow cloud area in 2-4 and crouch of the ledge immediately, if you don’t let go of l or r, the screen will be white and the music will continue playing. I have a video of doing it.

  9. Luigi running extremely fast after a Rolling Long Jump isn't a glitch, it's something called momentum. Run fast and you keep running fast in real life for a bit.

  10. 4:58 instead of getting stuck as mario, I played as luigi in a metal tanooki suit and when I fell off, it just have me a white screen and killed Luigi…. Weird

  11. I did the last one on accident I was so confused

  12. I had done something cool and quick in world 7 the underwater level. When you start the level, using the racoon suit, you can ACTUALLY REACH THE END JUST BY FLYING TO THE OTHER SIDE and BAM! You finish the level in only, like 5 seconds. While it's not technically a glitch, it's a simple shortcut you can perform.

  13. Can you Mod Every game on Switch except Mario kart smash or Mario maker 2 only bad Games in my opinon theise games Btw And Oddesy and Adult games and Gunners and Lame Fortnite Also Not Animal Crossing New Horions

  14. I know I am watching this almost 6 years later but I was bored and thought to myself: hey why not try those super mario 3d land glitches? Then I grabbed my 3ds and begun. I tried out the stuck in the air glitch 4:43 then I saw it worked. I remembered that w5-3 had this special room as well, so I tried it there and what happened is that the screen would get white and you will die out of nowhere. Whoever is reading this and has super mario 3d land, please give it a try:)

  15. I tried the first glitch u showed and failed

  16. This game is my childhood I miss the 3Ds and the old days

  17. I Did The Infinite 1UP Trick Until The Timer Reached 221

  18. I did the 1 up thing and i got 300 1 ups lol

  19. looking back at this video and the comments nearly SIX years later reminds me of when times were simpler and fun. its almost a tearjerker if you keep thinking about it.

  20. description: thanks who donated the 3DS capture card
    Me: Just get it on emulator without donating

  21. There are 666 dislikes and imma take a screenshot 😂

  22. When i do this glitch at 6:20 Bowser jumps to me😠😡

  23. the infinite 1-up trick does not only work with that one koopa troopa it also works with the koopa troopa on the left side of the screen

  24. I remember finding out half of these on accident when I was 6 🥲

  25. I tried the 2-4 1-2 and 8 – final castle glitches i loved them

  26. I ground pound by wearing stone leaf suit!!when you get damage Ground pound then use stone leaf suit.

  27. Soooo nice i aso have nintendo 3ds

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  29. when it said "son of a G̲l̲i̲t̲c̲h̲" i heard "son of a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲"

  30. The infinite 1up glitch is in every Super Mario game so it's probably not a glitch if it's been around for so long they would have got rid of it

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