Super Mario 3D Land - Full Game Walkthrough (100%) -

Super Mario 3D Land – Full Game Walkthrough (100%)

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A 100% Walkthrough of Super Mario 3D Land showing off all the Star Coins and Golden Flag Poles! Use the time stamps to easily skip around!

World 1 – 00:00
World 2 – 12:14
World 3 – 23:57
World 4 – 40:41
World 5 – 55:00
World 6 – 1:13:06
World 7 – 1:28:55
World 8 – 1:44:03
World S1 – 2:11:31
World S2 – 2:23:00
World S3 – 2:36:21
World S4 – 2:46:32
World S5 – 3:00:59
World S6 – 3:13:30
World S7 – 3:24:35
World S8 – 3:35:28
World S8 – Crown – 3:57:58


  1. I definitely have to revisit this game again

  2. First game I played on the 2ds a few years ago

  3. You can play this in the wii?

  4. Me gusta súper Mario cuando salva a peach del malvado boxsel 👸👹👨

  5. Bua que recuerdos, esto era súper épico para mi a los 7 años

  6. There is 2 easter eggs in this game from what i know in one of the maps if you see through the binoculars you can see a ufo and the other is in one of the ghost house by the pole if you wait a while there is a ghost

  7. Bro that was my childhood game and I thought the graphics couldn't get better, nostalgic…

  8. i lost this game years ago, bought myself a 2ds and got the game back

  9. when i was a kid i used to watch this whole video and spend hours on trying to play this lol

  10. Honestly, which world was your favorite?

  11. I loved playing this game and I would play it before I went to bed when I was little and I would also spend all day playing it

  12. I'm wondering why this person isn't picking up the things he or she is missing and going past them. For me when I was a little kid I would pick up every single thing.

  13. It is one of the best games on the the platform and it's very enjoyable. It is also the reason, why I like the 3ds so much🥰

  14. luigi has a voice crack when he beats the level, oddly

  15. I remember the summer of 2011 going to Toys “R” Us looking around for a very long time until I found this game bought it had no idea what it was LOL and fell in love with it.

  16. Maldita sea , me he perdido muchos juegos, espero que en la switch se metan un port de esto

  17. I want to play the old school SNES Super Mario World on 3DS XL anyone know how I can get it?

  18. There's a difference between the sound effects in Mario Galaxy. On Luigi, they've remained the same, as for Mario, some have been removed.

  19. This game will always have a special place in my heart🔥❤

  20. Oh my goodness… It's just nostalgia.

    Here back in 2021 when I started playing this game in 2014 (7 years old) this game is just a nostalgia memory which I'll never forget.

  21. Acabo de revivir un momento de mi infancia :')

  22. It took me like 2 months to beat this game as a kid but this guy did it in 4 hours.

  23. watching this to calm myself down n pretend i’m in middle school/elementary school again, this game rlly takes me back

  24. i just love this game from its obsession with tanooki leaves 😂 i remember playing it when i was six like 7 or 8 years ago and i just wanted to come back and watch the whole game again. i never finished it i got to the part two world or whatever its call it was the very last world in the game and couldnt beat it and i never used the white tanooki leaf so im a loser

  25. Forget about 3D world (still like that game)

  26. bro doesnt care abt peach it’s simply for the star coins.

  27. Anyone else horrified by that little mother hecker shadow Mario?

  28. This game is more like super mario 3d world

  29. Típic. Everyone remembers súper Mario 3d world but they forgot the one that came before

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