Super Mario 3D Land by kosmicd12 in 56:20 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 - Part 157 -

Super Mario 3D Land by kosmicd12 in 56:20 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 – Part 157

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This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2017, find us at:

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  1. Psh I could do so much better than that

  2. 24:46

    "Two hundred dollars from Anonymous! Comment: 'Potato.'"
    "…….. He's got a point."

    I legit died

  3. I never knew the P wing was in this game until now!

  4. You need black colors to have better ? Block levels?
    Nintendo is colorist

  5. Bowser: Ok, Mario can’t get me this time!

    56 minutes later

    Bowser: Wait, who’s that?

    It’s Mario

    Bowser: WHAT!?

  6. This game was so much fun to play.
    I tried some of these strats myself back in the day. Nice to see not much has changed really when you gotta go fast.
    That trick with the P wing was sick tho.

  7. An amazing run with excellent commentary! To top it off he’s quite humble for someone so skilled.

  8. 57:58 I love how he made Mario swish his tail and jump to the music. It's the little things like that that make these speedruns so entertaining to me.

  9. Beat this game several years ago and pretty much forgot about it until now. This run reminded me of how fun of a game this was to play through, gotta be one of my favorite Mario games

  10. why does the run start over 12 minutes into the video? it makes no sense. i know it was fixed for this year's, but still.

  11. I found a shiny lugia on alpha sapphire whilst watching this

  12. good job couch guy…..

    player: i need 100 medals to access the last level. so even though its a any percent run i need 100 medals

    couch: 5 seconds later yeah thats because he needs 100 coins to open the last level

    no shit really? its not like he said that or anything

  13. Dude did no one realize he synced up marios voice with the soundtrack at 57:58? 🙁

  14. When you can’t find your phone and have to go on a huge long journey, become a tanooki, kill brown mushrooms, and become a plumber save a princess a bunch of other crap and realize it’s in you pocket…

    LOL Relatable

  15. This couch is what the world thinks when they hear about Games Done Quick. Step it up guys

  16. …did I see a Bullet Bill with a tanuki power-up? Weeeeeeird (22:40)

  17. I'm glad to see someone speed running this game…its the only 3d Mario game I have cause I only have a 3ds so its cool to see someone remembers this game : )

  18. $200 from anonymous saying "Potato."

    Kosmic: "He's got a point."

    Best thing ever

  19. This game is sooooo under rated its awesome

  20. this time is so good, that on the leaderboard, it would be 3rd place!

  21. I promise you they did not program in two different select speeds. Two different select speeds was a result of the programming. (And possibly the bane of somebody's existence lol)

  22. Pretty original name Pretty original last-name says:

    I love this guys dry delivery of his jokes, they’re really funny

  23. I’m surprised to find out that the SMM2 Propeller Box is from 3D Land!

  24. I really thought i was going fast when i played!

  25. Oh my god i never knew the spam killing was an actual strategy! I would always do that when i was little so i could beat the final boss.

  26. 45:37 "gotta go fast so I can get the cycles"

    *runs through the level using the platforms just one time right at the beginning

  27. Whats cool about fighting pom pom is that if you bounce on her shell repeatedly you get repeated 1-ups my sister actually found that out

  28. This was a lot more exciting than I was expecting for this game. Great run!

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