Super Mario 3D Land - All Power-Ups -

Super Mario 3D Land – All Power-Ups

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This video shows all power-ups in Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS. Thanks for watching! Please activate the full description for time stamps of each power-up.

00:00 Super Star
00:46 Invincibility Leaf
02:23 Coin Box
03:10 Fire Flower
04:20 P-Wing
04:45 Super (Tanooki) Leaf
06:14 Boomerang Flower
08:30 Statue Leaf
10:01 Propeller Box
12:20 Super Mushroom


  1. Ah , I remember playing this game ONCE on one level. Good times.but we all know 3D world is better

  2. ธวิท คํายิ่งเดชาภัทร says:

    P-Wing just like from Super Mario Bros. 3

  3. They should'a made this game so that, like with 3D World, there's a switch port. Also, Luigi should be playable right off the bat, and this game should be 2-player.

  4. cool video and i ever play this at selat golf in 2017 when i was 10 years old

  5. i used to love this game 🙂 so many memories of the 3ds, shame i lost my cartdridge XD

  6. This man must have a very modern PC to play these games at 30 and 60 fps and also have smooth HD graphics.

  7. Fire mario its more easy to use in 3d land than mario galaxy series

  8. Fire Mario is one of my favorite Powerups

  9. Whit I have 5 our 6 years I whathing yours video for Lego Marvel.

  10. Damn has it really been 9 years since this game was out?

  11. Anyone else remember the UFO and ghost shyguy easter egg?

  12. Super mario 3d world has a super mario 3d land 2

  13. This game was the best I remember that I suck but I loved it

  14. it's weird because it's in HD…

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