Super Mario 3D Land | 3D in 3D - Scott The Woz -

Super Mario 3D Land | 3D in 3D – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott plays the first 3D 3D Mario.


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  1. This was my first official Nintendo game I actually owned

  2. This is my childhood i was a 3 year old and i finished the game twice i got my 2ds when i was 3

  3. I manage to find this game difficult as I die constantly

  4. Every 3d mario game should use the Y button

  5. Aside from Mario galaxy 2 this is my favourite 3D Mario game. Sue me.

  6. My first 3DS game was Super Mario 3D Land, and I miss the cartridge

  7. 3d lands cover mario looks a bit more um um BIG!

  8. Isn't this the guy who owns sonic jam

  9. Ok, Scott and/or 3D Land aside, for some reason it really annoys me that the person captioning the video labeled Iwata as Miyamoto at 3:04

  10. It used the Y button, how come nobody talks about it
    Pulls out Lego game collection

  11. Something Scott didn't mention is the streetpass functionality, it was nothing big, but the game would exchange players' best time in each stage, which meant you had an excuse to replay because that random dude couldn't possibly be faster than you in that one stage.

  12. I wish I didn't break my 3ds bro, I miss this game

  13. I own both 3D Land and 3D World, 3D World is better in everyway

  14. The special levels are where the challenge is 🙂

  15. Scott the Woz: the video game podcaster.

  16. Jesus christ, just get a New 3ds and play all the games all over again with the fixed 3d effect

  17. I think it's fantastic. It's so fun and chill
    With a new 3ds the 3D is amazing.

  18. This was my first Mario game, it is the definition of nostalgia for me

  19. This is pretty much the reason I bought a 3DS

    Also this is the first mario game I came close to completely finishing it

  20. Thinking about it.

    3D Land kinda suffers a similar problem to Mario Kart 7 where there isn’t much of a reason to go back to it because it’s successor does what it did but better

  21. Am I the only one who remembers all the 3D games including 3D land

  22. Having been someone that don't give a sh*t about Nintendo's 1st party titles, this was my 1st Mario game since a guy could use a break from MH4U.

  23. I'm so confused is the game good or do you absolutely hate it lol

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  25. I still don't know what the 3DS 3D slider actually did

  26. Are we going to brush past the fact that Scott has a SCAR-17 CQB?

  27. Nintendo needs to give Peeta a Cease and Desist after that stupid anti racoon Mario game

  28. I know what pajamas I’m going to have to get this Christmas 🐿

  29. Wait
    If 3d land saved the 3ds
    And the 3ds (probably) saved nintendo in the dark ages
    And the 3ds' 3d was based off the virtual boy
    Does that mean the virtual boy saved nintendo

  30. I dont like the 3d effect. It hurts my eyes
    I've been playing the OG2ds since last August and I love the…ALL the games

  31. Scott The Woz is the prequel to Angry Video Game Nerd

  32. in my eyes, super mario 3D land is just a 2D mario game in 3D

  33. Scott: Makes a 20 minute video
    Also scott: there’s really not that much to talk about

  34. Super Mario 3D Land was the perfect road trip game.

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