Super Mario 3D All Stars VS Original Games - Comparison [N64, GameCube, Wii] -

Super Mario 3D All Stars VS Original Games – Comparison [N64, GameCube, Wii]

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A full comparison between Super Mario 3D All Stars and the original 3D Mario games. All games were recorded in their native resolution. This took a long time to make, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Please enjoy.

Note: Some clips have alternate cropping to fit the comparison.

0:00 Super Mario 64 – Nintendo 64
3:59 Super Mario Sunshine – GameCube
7:41 Super Mario Galaxy – Wii

The native resolution for these games would be 240p and 480p respectively. The Switch version runs at 1080p.

SM3DA (2020) playlist:


  1. I have a problem with Mario In sunshine when he goes from wehaaaa to yeheee

  2. La diferencia del Mario 64 son los píxeles ya queda en Nintendo es una textura suave y en el 64 es un textura pixelada

  3. The ammount of shading added to sunshine in the remake, is not good…
    I like bright sms

  4. On the N64, NG and Wii are more pixelated

  5. yep the wii is pixelated

  6. Call mom on Zach some nail is entirely clickbait it didn't look that Bad

  7. Pues a mí me parece igual cuando juego en el 64

  8. Am I the only one who thinks the colour in the wii version of galaxy look better. I think the darker colour complements galaxy better

  9. Why does the audio on the switch version of SM64 sound more compressed?

  10. The only game I saw remastered was the sunshine

  11. nice clickbait bro. i remember playing mario galaxy on my nokia brickphone from 1987 with the boys

  12. Tbh i prefer the wii version of mario galaxy because the graphics actually look better in comparison. And i mean by cinematics.

  13. mario 64 after 4 consoles they could make it better

  14. It may fool kids who have never touched a Nintendo game for the first time ever, but for anyone who’s used the Wii (and literally everyone you know has used a Wii – it was just that iconic a console), they know that even the worst Wii game ever doesn’t have that bad graphics

  15. Como que cambia algo, mmn… A si la resolución,creo xd, vaya puta mierda apenas cambia la wea, por lo menos hagan una versión hd como las de los Zeldas twilight princess o wind waker que cambian mucho más, estas versiones son un despropósito a mi sincera opinión. Yo ya tengo todos esos juegos en la consola original, y me parece mas cómodo y nostálgico jugarlos en la original

  16. Personally I don't give a crap about the Switch's higher resolution ruining the immersion of the game when controls-wise it's superior since you don't have to rely on motion controls to use launch stars, sling stars and the spin maneuver since all three are mapped to the Y button on the Switch.

  17. The thumbnail just suggests that the switch is a more higher quality than the previous Wii version 🙃

  18. Ah yes, my favorite game. Super mario galaxy for the NES

  19. When you play low graphics mode on Mario galaxy

  20. Can we all stop complaining about the thumbnail? It emphasizes that the Switch is higher quality than the Wii.

  21. First, stop with the thumbnail, you aren’t fooling anyone. Second, your emulating the games, meaning widescreen and 1080p that the original games didn’t have, if your goal was to compare the switch rereleases to the originals, you failed, if it was to make a half assed video with no point and desperately trying to fool people into thinking the Wii had a crisp 90p, and failing, then congrats, you won.

  22. I think mario galaxy is just for wii so its more colorfull and the controls are perfect for wii

  23. I love how the thumbnail makes the Wii look like it was made in 1985

  24. Super Mario 3D all stars delete on 31.03.2019

  25. Oh i thought i was the only one who played Galaxy on the GBA… apparently not

  26. Mario Galaxy cutscenes on Wii look like someone’s wearing sunglasses while on Switch it looks like someone’s wearing smudged glasses.

  27. The Wii version of Super Mario Galaxy does not look that good it is way more pixelated.

  28. See the difference?
    No one's home !
    Now get lost

    No one's home !
    Now scram—

  29. Super Mario Sunshine of Gamecube Version Has High Brightness While Switch Version Has Low Brightness.

  30. How do your Wii games look so good dude lol

  31. Galaxy benefits the most with this graphic rework. It looks like a new game

  32. Stop complaining about the thumbnail and just watch the video. 😀

  33. There's so much wrong with this port, but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it.

    First: porting SM64 Shindou version instead of the OG,
    Second: They could of put at least Sunshine into 60fps (yes I know SMG is 60fps which I'm happy about),
    Third: The Super Mario 64 sound is much worse on Nintendo Switch!

    Wasn't the port supposed to be a little better graphically and not frick up the port more?
    I am also happy that they didn't do any stupid ideas on Super Mario Galaxy, sunshine is pretty good also
    and I don't play Super Mario 64 that much because it's too hard for me to play.

  34. Okok thats good, but that thumbail? Whats your problem men

  35. The audio is worse on 3D all stars for 64

  36. The nintendo 64 have 16:9 but switch not L o L

  37. Good video, but I didn't like it because of the deceitful thumbnail kkkk

  38. The audio is worse on the Nintendo switch. No trebble

  39. Switch looks kinda inferior because of the gradients for the glow that you see most of the time.

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