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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

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Despite its minimal trimmings, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a worthwhile collection of some of the plumber’s most memorable adventures.


  1. Not working properly with a gamecube controller is a dealbreaker for me, sorry Nintendo but you gotta do better.

  2. Nintendo is trying to add Mario Galaxy 2.

  3. say one more bad thing about sunshine,do it….better than your precious galaxy 2 nerds

  4. You were unfairly harsh on Mario Sunshine. That game was so much fun. Truly my favourite Mario game.

  5. I don't see how both this and Spelunky 2 are 8's? The reviewer here is repeatedly stating negative points whilst the Spelunky 2 reviewer was pretty universally positive yet that game also gets only an 8? Also this review doesn't take into account the DS remaster of mario 64 that added a lot of things that have not been included in this collection. The Nintendo bias is real here for all to see.

  6. I played it last night my sister bought it and we loved doing the 2P mode on galaxy. Also loved just messing around in 64. It's a good collection, I kinda wish 64 was fullscreen and didn't have black bars. I feel like they could've made it HD with 60fps if they really wanted to, but it's still fun to play and nice to have all the games in 1.

  7. She was leaving work and she hit by a cab. I didn’t get why Is this limited edition. This is a crafted masterpiece

  8. I'd argue not being able to use the game cube controller the way it's suppose to be used for sunshine makes it not the best version if u can play on a wii with component you'll have the best experience I think

  9. This reviewer seems to be the only one that didn't enjoy the voice acting in Sunshine

  10. I want a Zelda 3D All-Stars with:
    Ocarina of Time (1998)
    Majora's Mask (2000)
    The Windwaker (2002)
    Twilight Princess (2006)
    Skyward Sword (2011)

  11. I really wished that they fixed the Camera in 64 and Galaxy. They did it right in Sunshine by allowing you to manually turn the camera in the direction Mario is facing. I found the camera in Galaxy to be even WORSE than 64 when times showed up where it didn't allow you to move the camera at all.

  12. I want this game!!! Gonna wait till it drops down in price just a little. I'm not ready to pay $60

  13. Why did they not put mario 64 ds and galaxy 2 on

  14. People fail to realize that this is a collection and not a rerelease or a complete remaster. These games will still have the same flaws they've had since they came out

  15. Really the best game of all time is a splicing of all three (with Odyssey graphics).

  16. I swear right before he talked about galaxy I thought he was gonna say " now that I'm done shitting on sunshine"

  17. I have a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for my Nintendo Switch Lite, and out of all these three games in this compilation, the one particular game that I’ve spent the most time playing was Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve recently collected all 121 Stars as both Mario and Luigi, which makes a total of 242 Stars. I still have a copy of the original Wii version of Super Mario Galaxy. I also have a copy of the original GameCube version of Sunshine. Speaking of both Wii and GameCube, I still have the original Wii model that is backwards compatible with most GameCube games.

  18. I just wanna play sunshine and galaxy. I've never playn them. And I've watched full playthroughs of 64 and have it on my n64 but never played past the snow level.

  19. How Nintendo should release this 3D All-stars:

    Included the DS mario 64 or even port that to be better!
    Included Super Mario Galaxy 2!
    And…cut the crap about the limited time sales for both digital and physical, especially the digital version

    And maybe everyone is going to be happy with the anniversary release

  20. Am I the only that think the dub in english is perfectly fine? Even, it brings back some nostalgia. Yeah I might be biased.

  21. Do you think there will be a Galaxy 1 and 2 combo pack? I really just want this for Galaxy.

  22. Still waiting for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch, Nintendo.

  23. The camera in Super Mario 64 is absolutely awful! It makes getting those coins in the sky nearly impossible! It is sad when a DS game has a better camera than a Nintendo Switch port. And Nintendo could've added Galaxy 2, kind of horse shit. Not worth $90, maybe $60-70 at max.

  24. Mario is one of my favorite game characters. I love him. But 3d gameplay really took the games to the next level. I like that a lot. Im planning on getting this game for Christmas

  25. These games play the best on the original consoles they were released on

  26. I just ordered the game and it will come on christmas eve

  27. boy do I have news for you
    my star pointer on galaxy is literally drifting wtf

  28. Give me mario party one !!! Lol! This new gen version seems to sympathize to kiddy crowd. Original version just hits better

  29. I’m so disappointed that Nintendo doesn’t remaster anything. They just continue to repackage the same product and we continue to buy it 😭

  30. The HD makes Galaxy so perfectly that you can count it as a new game itself

  31. i finished sunshine but is it me or its difficult

  32. I think it's too bad Nintendo didn't make a release like this a bit more of a celebration for the fans with some extra effort. Especially for the price and seeing Mario is their most important character.

  33. They actually did mess with Mario 64 from its perfect 64 form. You can’t do the backwards long jump bowser glitch

  34. Im gonna buy it i just wanted to see wat people thought about it

  35. This release really brings out how shite Nintendo are to their fans, imagine if Sony or Activision done this with Uncharted or Crash, they just released the exact same game with fuck all done to them. They place would explode but Nintendo basically give us 3 roms on a cart and get a pass? No fixing or updates to controls? A joke.

  36. Had to grab this even before getting a Switch. Excited to play Sunshine again years after playing my Gamecube

  37. “ The novelty on the hole” That’s what she said

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