Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming September 18th! (Nintendo Switch) -

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming September 18th! (Nintendo Switch)

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Three classic Mario 3D adventures, optimised for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars arrives as a limited-production game on September 18th!

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  1. So cool to finally see the trailer for 3/4 of Super Mario 3D All-Stars!

  2. When the music for super Mario sunshine started, every hair on my body stood on end

  3. Fellow gamers, I am very sorry to give out this info, but:
    The SM64 version used in the video (and possibly the upcoming game) uses the 1997 updated "Shindou Edition", where stuff like BLJ is patched.

  4. This awsome🤩 I’ve never played Super Mario 64 or sunshine so this will be a new experience for me and my brothers

  5. Finally I can play sunshine for the first time!

  6. The “buh-bye” when Mario throws bowser sounds edited in to me, or like the transition between game showcasing

  7. (Nintendo) announces this

    (Me who already owns all 3 games in this collection) Shut up and take my money

  8. My cousin said he has a theory that if you get all stars and shines in all the games you get to play galaxy 2 as a bonus

  9. So you're telling me that I didn't have to buy an N64 and Super Mario 64

  10. Have not played one of these games yet so i am very excited about these games

  11. Wth do people care so much about the limited release just buy it now

  12. Nintendo: What should we make a port of, 64, sunshine or galaxy?
    Also nintendo: Yes

  13. Fact that nobody cares about nintendo and nintendo uk

  14. Im so happy and excited i cant even describe it

  15. sorry but i can't stop thinking about smg4 lol

    must be the nostalgia from seeing those polished sm64 edges

  16. Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! says:

    Already pre-ordered my copy a couple days ago!

  17. Okay, now this is bone chilling. Ever since my Nintendo 64 stopped working I dreaded not being able to complete super Mario 64 with no BLJ or any skips (since I never got the time to get it on the first 500 tries). I’m also excited because galaxy was a fantastic gaming expirence growing up aswell. Never bought sunshine tho, assuming you collect suns like you would collect stars in 64. I’m open to people replying and telling me what I should be excited for in sunshine. 👌🏼

  18. I notice hardly any graphical update to Mario 64. It still looks like Mario 64 for the N64.

  19. I have all the games on the older systems but can’t resist it for the switch so preordered. Looking forward to sunshine the most as the camera system is awful on the GameCube original, hoping that’s fixed on the new version.

  20. one of my personal favorite games is super mario 3d land. its sad to see that it wont be on here.

  21. The original mario all stars was all about upgraded classics, 3d all stars are upgraded but SM64 is unfortunately going to be the odd 1 out just because they're allowing an unofficial port show them up

  22. Can't belive they charge people so much for 3 old games people don't buy anymore

  23. £50 for an empty box with free roms in it LETS GOO GAMERS

  24. I’m so glad Super Mario 64 is added to this special pack! It’s going to come this week. Today is 14th September 2020. Oh boy I am so excited for it to come out. Sadly I don’t have a Nintendo Switch

  25. I already bought this Super Mario compilation game for the Nintendo Switch from Smyths in my home city of Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 since last Wednesday (23-09-2020).

    I'm playing Super Mario 64. I remember playing it on N64 when I was a kid. Super Mario 64 is totally awesome! I absolutely love that Super Mario game!

  26. This Is My Childhood Right here lmao

  27. "Limited time only"

    Who's gonna bet that Nintendo are gonna make it a permeant release "by popular demand"


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