Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Full Game 100% Walkthrough (All Games) -

Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Full Game 100% Walkthrough (All Games)

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Full Games 100% Walkthrough. In this playthrough we will collect all 120 stars in Super Mario 64, all 120 shine sprites in Super Mario Sunshine and all 121 stars in Super Mario Galaxy and unlock the 100% endings for each game.

00:00:00 – Super Mario 64
04:08:41 – Super Mario Sunshine
11:06:17 – Super Mario Galaxy

►Game Information:
▪ Super Mario 3D All-Stars
▪ Developer: Nintendo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Switch
▪ Genre: Platform
▪ Playtime: 40+ hours

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  1. Yea I love this channel hope to see some monster hunter rise stuff 🙂

  2. I play mario 64 mario sunshine and galaxy in 3d. All stars

  3. Super Mario 3D All Stars and Super Mario Bros Game & Watch. Are going away till March 31st.

  4. Like h*** I'm gonna watch this entire video I aint gonna do this

  5. In Sirena Beach, you can also get 100 coins in episode 1. I pulled it of one time.

  6. The only reason I got 3D all starts is super Mario sunshine

  7. Should have gone back to Cool Cool Mountain in 64 and raced the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg penguin 😉

  8. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. says:

    Tomorrow marks this game off shelfs, still good work 100 percenting all of these games, with concerns on titles will not have access too, dose anyone hope this is just some works to make a better version of the 3D collection? Fingers crossed hoping yes.

  9. Remeber kids, always watch this at midnight cuz it takes 21 hours. Ok. Don’t kill me, I have ine billion kids.

    Jk I don’t have kids.

  10. Will he did and didn't 100% at the same time because he didn't do the Super Luigi Galaxy and there is 121 stars in the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Luigi Galaxy so there's 242 stars and he is missing 122 stars

  11. the amount of comments on this vid that are about kids moms telling them they can only watch 1 vid. lol am i the only adult here? should i feel bad? i was 8 when mario 64 came out instead of when this video uploaded so i think im allowed to be here

  12. Why are we all talking about how long this video is?

  13. Welp. Guess I'm busy the next 10 3/4 hours *shrugging *

  14. This is my next video marathon after watching world of light no spirits hard mode

  15. In Super Mario Galaxy what is second player helps you?

  16. Perfect video to watch while I go to new york city in a few weeks!

  17. Three adventures in ONE package! What do YOU think?

  18. Why is super Mario Galaxy 2 not in this collection it would make sense to add it because the original Mario all stars has 4 games

  19. Super Mario 3D All Stars Full Game For 21 Hours

  20. Am I not the only one who was bored so then I just wanted to mess around with Mario's face?

  21. Looks the same. I was hoping a bit of improvements on graphics. Just a touch up.

  22. I still play this collection of games after March 31.

  23. How do you get the second star on the first star door I don’t get it

  24. I don’t get how you get those two stars from that first start door

  25. Super mario 3d all stars is deleted by nintendo

  26. I wanna watch the whole video
    In 1 sitting without bathroom breaks

  27. Legend for playing every single one, no life check?

  28. Wow in the original Super Mario 64 there’s 120 stars total and in the remake there’s 150 stars

  29. Which console is required to play this game? Wii, u or switch?

  30. Mom : go to sleep!!
    Me : one more video
    Mom : ok after that go to bed!!
    Me : typing intensifies

  31. Bellissimo ma quante stelle deve guadagnare?

  32. So wait you have to play that level couple times to get 6 stars ?

  33. should’ve ran thru SMG with Luigi just for the fuck of it

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