StarTrek 1967 chess -

StarTrek 1967 chess

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  1. Star Trek often predicts the future – A dystopian one!

  2. Roddenberry chose bones as captain but instead bones chose to play as the doctor. Roddenberry only chose bones in the casting. The other came latter , all of them including the captain ! But NOT be Roddenberry ; )

  3. TOS: Machines bad!
    TNG: Machines have feelings too 🙁

  4. Kirk: are you going to kill me over a computer?
    Data: but I am an Android.
    Janeway: kill them both. And where's my coffee?

  5. "Well why are you just sitting there?"
    "Because, Doctor, I needed you to arrive so that I could explain this to the audience."

  6. "A man has Rights, a machine has none" — then came Data

  7. This is one of my favorite episodes though Finney and his daughter were dumb.

  8. If you have a right, you don't have freedom.

  9. Wow this is Perry Mason type of brilliance from Kirk's lawyer, I wasn't expecting that plot twist at the end at all. 👀

  10. A very Happy 90th Birthday William Shatner. Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal, Quebec. March 22, 1931 Born in Canada, But a U.S. treasure. Your legacy is worldwide. Thanks Tiberius..

  11. The sad truth is the declaration of the Martian colonies will probably be true thanks to Elon Musk.

  12. sorry I was looking for the episode where the leader was drugged and read everything handed to him . Much like today.

  13. The only episode of "Star Trek", where The Constitution, was ever mentioned.

  14. Everyone is talking about how amazing this scene is and how much better it is than modern versions. Let's be honest, if a main character tested the competency of a computer by playing chess for a few hours you'd be pissed because it makes no sense.

  15. I looked at the thumbnail and genuinely thought George Carlin guest starred in TOS

  16. I DEMAND IT!!….Cus i'm short n balding!!! Hahaha!! Comps suck!!!!!

  17. hal92… nöw you have to dill with ^ ^ öff Ü$ ^ ^
    störey öff se plännett vv

  18. Just great TV. Our rights as men. I always love that speech by Mr. Cogli. This episode was excellent.

  19. I wish Captain Chandra had more screen time!

  20. Ironically later the idea that a machine has no rights was abandoned in TNG "The Measure of a Man" where Data was said to have them.

  21. This is one of my all time favorite episodes of TOS!

  22. This was a very dignified role for Elisha Cook Jr. (Kirk's attorney).
    He deserved it after a lifetime of lesser roles.

  23. 🇧🇷🖖😐Queremos aquele animal de lata pairante que procura o criador Morô?

  24. You could draw parallels to the recent Post Office Horizon scandal in the UK

  25. The original episodes are the only one that will be remembered..just like Shakespeare and for the same reason..little morality plays that will be remembered for centuries..maybe millennia…
    he`s dead Jim…Star Trek

  26. I like how fast Bones was on the uptake here.

  27. For a one-episode character, you gotta admit, Mr. Cogley OWNED this episode!! I'm surprised they didn't spin him off onto his own "Space Court" series.

  28. He could have learned something he did not know since he programmed it and saying impossible to beat a computer at chess is not logical as can be set on different levels I have beaten them more than five times just not at the highest levels. I talked to someone that said he never beat a computer at chess I asked if he set it at lowest level he said he never beat it at lowest level either he played a machine with software designed only for higher levels or he was terrible at chess.

  29. Now it's time to listen for all the heart beats on the ship.

  30. 0:28 rook to kings pawn 4…… just without a pawn, and god knows what file

  31. Sadly due to the poor excuse for an education system we have today, I doubt most teenagers and few adults would understand the meaning of what Kirk's attorney is saying.

  32. One of the best defence lawyers around. After being given a brief summation from Spock he pulls that impassioned speech out of his ass.

  33. Elisha Cook Jr is outstanding in his role as defense attorney. Old time movie buffs remember him for his roles in the classics The Maltese Falcon and Shane. In both films he was a centerpiece, as the obnoxious hired gun Wilmer in Maltese Falcon and Stonewall Torrey the homesteader in Shane. The way Wilmer and Sam Spade, played by the great Humphrey Bogart play off each other in the Maltese Falcon is priceless. Like his contemporary Peter Lorre, Cooks character is the perfect patsy for the uber cool Bogart. His performance as Torrey in Shane is even more noteworthy because he portrays an overly proud southern homesteader

  34. who is gunned down by the hired gun Jack Wilson, played to wicked perfection by Jack Palance. One could make a serious argument that Cook Jr was the finest character actor to appear in the Star Trek series. Everything he appeared in was thoroughly enthralling.

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