StarCraft 2: 3D CHESS MIND GAMES! -


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Cannon Rush, Nydus Worm and 3D Chess mind games.
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A really clever game of Protoss vs Zerg between Patience and soO. Both players try to outsmart each other constantly, trying to think one step ahead of the opponent in this very cheesy game of professional StarCraft 2.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.


  1. 5:04 Most important is that he cancels the Nydus Network and goes to spire.

  2. OMG as a Protoss player who has the lowest win-rate against Zerg, this video makes me so happy. This is some 500 IQ, 5D chess moves. Patience was indeed 3 steps ahead of Soo in this game every step of the way.

  3. God, good luck with your wisdom teeth, had mine pulled around 2 years ago and also continued to go to uni and stuff, but the stitches got infected after 3 days, had a horrible time, hope you'll be fine, so we can get more fine ass sc2 videos 😀

  4. Thank Christ for the disclaimer at the start. The tenor of the voice was down; I was concerned that I would be finding a new caster to follow because you had decided to call it a day.

  5. whose other voice in the video. i thought i am hallucinating.

  6. That toss player must of face a lot of serfs to be this well ready

  7. Forge? Building
    Probe? Moving
    Girlfriend? Left
    Yep it's cheese time

  8. No-style victory, but a wins a win I guess…

  9. 6:29 – What am I hearing here? EDIT: Oh, an Announcer Pack.

  10. I think it's nice you do other games.. but you should also do a starcraft video with them.. dont forget the base fans while you pick up scrub fans from inferior games… lol great vid man

  11. So how many bad hamster jokes did you get the last few days Lowko?

  12. Oh no, lowko said only “cyber forest”, how will i know if it is the LE version o.O hahahahha

  13. I didn't know removing your wisdom teeth would make you a decent caster

  14. I like your videos broo
    Im from Peru🇵🇪 tho
    Try playing ZONE CONTROL the new one its so good



    Koreans imba pls nerf (:

  17. 7:52 "Even though he doesn't know about the spire. He might find out. No he doesn't." as the warp prism gets killed by a flock of mutalisks.

  18. Okay to go back to work after five days? Lmfao… I had my wisdom teeth pulled in bootcamp and I was given just a few hours to recover from pain killers.

  19. 7:52 hahaha

    "He might find out [about the spire]"
    >scout gets killed By MUTAS
    "oh I guess he doesn't"

  20. he might find out about the spire with the warp prism, "warp prism gets killed by mutalisk", no he didnt find out about the spire, thats big. 😀

  21. We've heard a few Korean pros using the DVa announcer. It occurs to me that of course their client is in Korean, so all their voice actors are different to the English ones. And it's quite possible that DVa's Korean announcer is really good – probably much better than other Korean voice actors doing bad accents of other characters from different places

  22. Insanity level: viewer match. Skill level: Pro match. Nice!

  23. Went up from silver to platin with double stargate. There‘s no unit that‘s more wonderful than penix

  24. I'm just disappointed how lowko can't cast viewer submitted match

  25. Do you know why people like your casting? It's like watching sports, but its a game we care about. YOU ARE ESPN FOR GAMERS! Keep it up. You're very good at it. Much talent. So nice to zone out after work watching one of your cast games.

  26. guys just check alex007 video about protos nerf ideas. Thank you.

  27. One question as a newbie:

    Players do play only one race in professional games, right? They do so because of specialization I assume. But are they also allowed to switch races in a tournament or even series?

  28. this is the first time i see Soo lose not in a final game of some tournament

  29. how is Patience not the very best protoss player in the world? he timed, scouted, predicted and countered everything perfectly
    I got goosebumps watching this match!

  30. It seems phoenixes can no longer shoot and fire at the same time. Congrats, Lowko.

  31. If Lowko is playing checkers in SC2 then I guess that makes my play similar to tic-tac-toe

  32. While they say that "Patience is a Virtue," I feel we can agree so too is precognition?
    ^~^ (especially in these kinds of games…)

  33. Hey lowko do you have another job or is this your job?

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