Star Wars Chess (The Software Toolworks) (Windows 3.x) [1993] [PC Longplay] -

Star Wars Chess (The Software Toolworks) (Windows 3.x) [1993] [PC Longplay]

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  1. Apparently Obi Wan was not their only hope

  2. Both sides made a lot of silly mistakes the other could have exploited. good video overall tho

  3. The storm troopers make the same sound as boba fett!

  4. 13:52 Yoda used confusion. It's super effective! Nameless Stromtrooper is confused and attackes itself!

  5. (C) Disney Software, Fox interactive And The Software Toolworks INC, 1993 All right reserved

  6. I don't understand the hate this game gets. It's fucking awesome! It's Battle Chess, but with Star Wars Characters.

  7. 11:10 C3PO Defeating Darth Vader Was probably the best thing I ever seen.

  8. I cant believe I watched something i dont even know how to play. Can someone explain what chess is?

  9. I can't believe that darth Vader died like a bitch

  10. Leia makes the final kill….. Luke gets the end credits… typical

  11. Если это смотрят русские давайте залайкаем что бы иностранцы думали что тут что-то умное написано

  12. Why does R2 have to be the pawns

  13. Damn, the audio and animations are fantastic! This should be on GoG.

  14. wow this game a lot faster then johntron made it out to be

  15. My guinea pigs play chess better than this.

  16. No Han Solo that's a bummer. Or this is based off of episode 5. Or that carbonite Solo on the far right of the board is for decoration. 🤔

  17. It's a big oversight to not have Han Solo as one of the Rebel pieces.

    Here's how I would have have done the pieces:

    Rebel Pawn: Rebel Troopers (from the opening of Episode 4, with the helmets and blue clothes)
    Rebel Knight: Han Solo
    Rebel Bishop: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Rebel Rook: Chewbacca
    Rebel Queen: Luke Skywalker
    Rebel King: Leia

    Imperial Pawn: Stormtroopers
    Imperial Knight: Emperor Palpatine's Personal Guards (the ones we see in full red briefly in Return of the Jedi)
    Imperial Bishop: Grand Moff Tarkin
    Imperial Rook: Boba Fett
    Imperial Queen: Darth Vader
    Imperial King: Emperor Palpatine

    C-3PO and R2-D2 getting pieces feels like a mistake to me. It's hilarious that you can see C-3PO beating mighty foes like Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett, but there are several other characters that actually make sense as a piece like Han Solo, Lando, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or even Wicket the Ewok.

    Dark Troopers didn't exist until 2 years after Star Wars Chess was released, but if doing the game now it would make perfect sense to have them be an Imperial chess piece.

  18. Love it, such a fun way to learn Chess and there are sites that offer windows 10 compatible downloads

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