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Star Trek On Chess

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Chess clip appears in “Charlie X” (Season 1, Episode 2) from Star Trek (September 15, 1966). Stardate: 1535.8


  1. I bet the bloopers for this episode were hilarious

  2. What a bad sport! I can't believe what Charlie did to that precious Ganine honey-dipper set!

  3. I hate the acting of Charlie and I really don't like the tan of all the actors since they live in space how the fk do they get brown?

  4. I think that's the first time I heard Spock call someone by their first name without them telling him to.

  5. When kids with explosive disorder get mental powers…

  6. How can he give checkmate if his king is in check?

  7. In Charlie X, Star Trek predicted Millennials

  8. I'd love to see this kid play Chewbacca , see which one is the sorest loser

  9. And thus came the birth of the what we modernly call the 'Rage Quit'

  10. How is it that I can’t find a GIF of 2:12?!?!? That is the best pissed off face I have ever seen!

  11. For a regular 3D chess set is 40 dollars

    For some reason the Star Trek chess version is 400 or 1000 dollars

  12. When I was a kid I saw this episode and Charlie scared me. But at the same time I liked him because I could relate to his social awkwardness

  13. 2:08 "Stupid white pieces I played with! I'll show you for making me lose!" (For the record, I know he was supposed to use the black pieces, but we all know he didn't.)

  14. The chess "board" has black trim when Kirk and Spock are playing, when Charlie sits down to play with Spock, the trim is chrome. Hmmmm. I wonder whatever happened to those sets.

  15. I love the way Spock looks at Kirk when he gets up he is so impressed with his Captain's ability to beat him at chess, sweet!

  16. 0:35 Not only does Kirk checkmate while in check, he moved his bishop non-diagonally. So that's how he beats Spock, he cheats.

  17. How the hell does Spock not see a mate in one position?

  18. Looking again at the chess game scene in the Star Trek episode, "Charlie X", it appears that the chess piece Spock checks Kirk's king with two moves in a row is a queen and not a rook, although it is hard to tell definitively what type of chess piece Spock moves twice in a row to check Kirk's king twice in a row at the end of that game.

  19. Okay so you start out on the first level, then roll your eyes back and burn the pieces. Interesting game.

  20. I do that every time I make peanut butter cookies in the replicator.

  21. 0:39 – Perhaps the closest Spock's expression can get to "You son of a b—–!"

  22. How does he go from being in check to checkmate in one move?

  23. Spock would lose against Bobby Fischer. The best Spock would be able to attain is a draw.

  24. Charlie X had the biggest head in the world. WTH?!?

  25. I remember watching this when I was 8 or 9 for the first time. His melting all those chess pieces was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen at the time. I was an odd child.

  26. Charlie’s face is just as small as the actual Charlie Kirks face.

  27. Trump plays 4d chess everyday with the media.

  28. Man, he has some bad acid reflux. Better see Doc McCoy about that.

  29. That's an awfully delicate-looking glass chessboard to put on a ship which violently veers and slams around every couple of episodes.

  30. 0:31 so in space chess u can ignore that ur in check an continue with ur strategy of pursuing checkmate?

  31. Were Kirk and Spock actually playing, or just moving the pieces around at random?

  32. This might sound stupid, but is 3D Chess an actual game?

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