Star Trek - 3D chess set -

Star Trek – 3D chess set

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  1. If two pieces are on the same space, but in two different levels, can they be simultaneously captured?

  2. Yes its a nice chess set, I have one packed way, I forgot it had instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. nice board… not sure if you would be interested but (cant hurt to ask) i run a Tri-Dimensional Chess group on facebook… we just recently reached 100 members, but could always use more – rules of how to play & and youtube video pinned at the top of the group – would love to play you someday

  4. I made a full-sized board and used Staunton plastic tournament pieces in order to play. It used to give me headaches, trying to visualize the moves in three dimensions, but not any more.

  5. J̶᷊︣ǒ̷͖ḩ̸́n̴͓̑ṋ̷̌ỳ̵̦ D̷̠̽e̶̹͡e̸̞͋p̶̫͊ says:

    Damn, that's nice looking. How tall are the pieces and how high in total is the board? Also, there are not fewer squares! Both regular chess and tridimensional chess have a total of 64 squares. And whatever do you mean by "two pieces can occupy the same square"? They can't: the squares above or below the one a piece is on are different!

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