Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Chess -

Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Chess

Angry Sonic
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Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Chess Set: In this video I’ll set up the board and take you through all the instructions.


  1. Hundreds for a chess game

  2. Wow that looks amazing!!!
    Btw I was wondering if you can check out my sonic trailer review and comment your opinion in the comments, would highly appreciate it!!

  3. Request sonic sticker for your PlayStation 4?

  4. Hey Angry Sonic,When You Draw,How Do You Make It The Same As The Picture?

  5. Yo I love chess me and friend play it everyday

  6. Much much. Jealous this board game is awesome more do like these videos

  7. Hey Angry later today I'm making a video of my top 10 favorite Sonic YouTubers. You're number 3 best

  8. The queen goes on tge color the piece is,yellow goes on yellow and black goes on black.

  9. the chess is cool but instead of rings as pawn, why didn't they set Chao to this role? it would be better, rings are just rings not an living creature LOL

  10. Me:Father….I Want Sonic Chess
    Me:Using A 3D Printing The Sonic Chess

  11. go go go go go go go go go gotta think fast!
    gotta think fast
    gotta think faster faster faster faster faster!

  12. This seems odd to me. For dark side they should have had Robotnik and Metal Sonic as King and Queen, Mecha Sonic as knights, Silver Metal Sonic as bishops and Roboegg as rooks. Then a bunch of badniks for the pawns. Sonic's side could have had the 4 Chaotix members repeated to make 8 pawns, and Ray as the rooks.

  13. Games in 2014: the chess 3D of Sonic are happy

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