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ShopSabre CNC – Chess Board on IS Series Router

ShopSabre CNC
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Routerbob demonstrates how to create a homemade chess board using a ShopSabre IS Series 408 Router and Vectric VCarve PRO CAD/CAM Software. The chess board is made with a walnut and maple slab using an inlay method.

More Information on the ShopSabre CNC Router in this video:

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For over 20 years, ShopSabre CNC has provided businesses and hobbyists with the best CNC machines at the best value. By focusing on unbeatable customer service and high-quality products built in the USA, we’ve grown from a single machine built at home to one of the most trusted CNC machine manufacturers in the country.

Since building our first machine two decades ago, we now have over 5,100 CNC routers, plasma, and laser engraving machines in a wide variety of industries in over 30 countries. Our success is a result of our commitment to developing a better way to build CNC machines and support our customers.

RouterBob brings over 30 years of CNC experience to the ShopSabre team. He has worked with many manufacturers ranging from entry level to high production. This breadth of experience gives ShopSabre CNC an extra edge over the competition that was already trailing far behind. Make sure to watch all of his #woodworking and metalworking tutorials on our channel. #woodworking #chess #chessboard #woodwork #cnc #cncmachine


  1. Awesome machine. I'd love to get a cnc. The possibilities are endless.

  2. I really enjoy your videos. The ones that go through the designs through the project. They are very informative. The machining that you show is extremely clean and the feeds and speeds are really dialed in. I also know this is a testament to the quality of your CNC. Is there anyway you could go over feeds and speeds that you use with your machines and the different cutting operations in the future?

  3. Tja, es fehlt Umrandung und die Buchstaben mit Ziffern.Gleiche Prinzip nur weiter so!Und ganz wichtig beide Holzarten in gleicher Faserverlauf verleimen!Sonst ist gut, CNC halt…

  4. Router Bob is an absolute legend! I love these videos!

  5. Thanks to the Shop Sabre interface that instead of doing the G92 command to manually set the z height what I've done is select the increment limit like .01 or .001and then bump the z down however many increments down i want. Easier to me than remembering the G92 command

  6. Thank you Bob for the video. Maybe I add a chess board to my inlay cutting board serie in future 😉

  7. Interesting technique in making the board. Are there any structural advantages to it being made this way instead of the usual multi glue up ways? Also how much would it cost to commission a board like this?

  8. This sure beats the jointer, planner etc method. There are many projects than can benefit from this technique. Thanks for another informative video.

  9. I keep coming back to this video because the board looks so amazing. You should 3D scan a chess set to go with that board. I have a beautiful reproduction of a 1950s Dubrovnik set I wouldn't mind sending you the pieces if you send it back.

  10. Router Bob,
    I've watched several of your videos covering the Shopsabre Machine(s). I love your content, informative yet entertaining to watch. Shopsabre makes a top notch machine. However, it's lacking a top notch high speed electric spindle motor. I'd love to quote you a Giordano Colombo, to essentially operate as "The Heart of your Machine"
    Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you'd like some more info @ Colombo USA

  11. cnc is good, but the material consumption is very large!

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