Sell Your 3D Models Online | 6 Great Sites | Useful Tips -

Sell Your 3D Models Online | 6 Great Sites | Useful Tips

Grant Abbitt
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I give you 6 different sites where you can sell your 3D models in different ways. Some are more suited to game artists/modelers where as others are more for those looking to 3D print.

My website

discord server

recommended graphics tablet:
It’s from GearBest
I use a graphics tablet to paint with and I can recommend this one for the price and responsiveness it’s probably the cheapest of that quality as well.

Learn the basics with this playlist:



Sketchfab :


  1. Cgtrader suspend accounts without any information and get your whole income! Do not recommend for ArchViz authors! BEWARE!

  2. Say not all about sales and opens a model of a ship in a bottle

  3. Thank you very so much for this video sir 🙂

  4. im a complete noob, but it looks like a completely saturated market to me ? looks like the hundreds of hours im putting into learning will just add up to being a hobby yeah 😉 lol

  5. *it seems most artists actually pay for the privilege of putting their hard work out into the public rather then being able to make a sustainable wage from their endevours. its seriously got to be the most exploited trade of them all imo

  6. Sucks to see that creators have to sell a horse for over half the average paycheck just to make any kind of profit. Feel bad for people on those sites.

  7. Its almost impossible to compete with giants like kitbash and others, who is literally beating all offers on sites like turbosquid, freelancer etc. They should not be able to participate in bidding on such platforms.

  8. If I can't make money in 10 days, I will kill myself, no joke here. It was nice living this life I tried to live..

  9. Im doing a Games Design course for college, I really really want to know if I will be learning things like this because I want to become a 3D Artist in the future but im literally lost. I don’t even know why would people want to buy if I ever do make a 3D Model in the future. Can anyone give me any advices and tell me i’m just overthinking😂

  10. Is there a standard skeleton that's best to use when uploading characters? I was considering uploading mine unrigged, but would I be better off quickly rigging it to the mixamo skeleton and then uploading?

  11. I'm looking to do this but I'm still considered a beginner in Maya and blender I'm pretty talented but i still am not amazing yet that's why I'm taking online classes to up my game

  12. hi… can you explain about lisence (cc) in 3d modeling selling website?' thank you

  13. Hello, there are a lot of free models you can download, I always wonder why people give 3D models for free?

  14. I think , most of model sale sites are scammers… especially cgtrader. In the century we live in, people think about their own interests. Why would these companies send money regularly to people on the other side of the world? why?Everyone wants to profit as much as they can.For example I uploaded high quality models on cgtrader manytimes. And I have earned only 5 dollars! Even if these models have sold many times, they intentionally hide these notices. I dont trust them… I think small country people are cunning.Like village people who make gossip for single egg or chicken. Cgtrader is a Lithuanian company, and I don't believe these people could be honest. Most of small countries do not know what democracy , or human rights. Large global companies do not emerge from such countries.they are exploiting artists with giving them hope. I m sure they are laughing to most of artists after suspend their account. Just read bad comments about their site on trust pilot dot com.

  15. I used to make a few extra dollars selling renders. Just about every stock photo site will sell them. Also rendered stock footage can sell as well. You probably couldn't make a living from that, but if you have built the model for another purpose then you may as well just upload some high res renders of it as well. Every little bit counts.

  16. I actually been selling on turbosquid since 2012 and I get I think around 60% right now cause of squidguild. I'm ruby right now and almost diamond. I have close to 200 models on there. I always wounder if I could benefit from selling at other markets. The only problem with TS is that your stuck selling with them. If you sell on other markets you risk getting your account banned which to me is unfair and right now in this time a of day that you need to make money cause of all the unfair reason of 2020 such as viruses and panic buying and the cost of food and living is sky rocketing. Once you agree to sell on turbosquid your pretty much locked into a contract with them while making almost nothing in return cause of constant sales and then they get what 20% off instantly for just adding the product to the cart. What fairness is this for us artist that spending countless of hours just to make like people say min of 40% or if your lucky to have almost 10k in sales you get 60% but you have to earn that extra percent by selling for a very long time.

  17. the problem isn't the Website itself …its mostly the'' Lowballer '' selling their assets lower than the competition ruining the whole value

  18. I have made 30 dollars selling 3D models on Etsy I have sold a 2 low poly characters that were based off of goku from dragon ball z and I’ve sold one model of a lightsaber hilt

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  20. No te entiendo pero vine por dalas por que nos digo como vamos a ser rico en Latinoamérica 😎👌

  21. CGTrader had made artists worthless, if u value ur arts stop selling your work like candy in CGTrader

  22. Your vedio give me a great idea about 3D market place.Thank you very much😊😊👍

  23. what about ? I sell on there and it should be top 4 at least. Turbosquid sold out to shutterstock so that will be even worse very sooon… cgtrader is limited sales and an old platform. Ive sold more models on Badship than I have on cgtrader in the last 3 months..

  24. Very classy 3D Models… Do a google search with keywords… New Stylish Innovative 3D cgtrader

  25. trying to sell models on these sites is same as trying to become popular on instagram or other social websites .It is hard in oversaturated markets.probably better way would be to contact people who need models and make custom ones just for them working as a freelancer.

  26. 4:01 OMG! You are selling that good and well quality chair for only $5! I think its not a fair price for this chair.

  27. I'm new, but 40% seems absurd in terms of commission. They're just a middleman, to take 60% of the profit is pretty insane.

  28. Can I sell a single 3d model on multiple sites?

  29. hello!

    Im looking to comission an artist for a few 3d models, where can I turn to find a talented artist to make custom 3d models for 3d printing?

  30. why is there a nude human model in the corner of the table? .-.

  31. Where can I purchase that grey anatomical figure on your desk?

  32. can I use mixamo animations for selling in unreal and unity markets in my character, being downloaded separately, attached, then some little edited in maya human ik?

  33. Thanks a very good insight, much apreciated !

  34. Lmao no more blender anymore XD back to studies

  35. Character + Woman + fantasy = stonkkk📈

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