Second Life - The Online 3D Virtual World -

Second Life – The Online 3D Virtual World

Second Life
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Second Life is an online 3D virtual world imagined and designed by you. From the moment you enter Second Life, you’ll discover a universe brimming with people and possibilities.

Create and customize your own digital 3D persona, also known as your avatar. Be a fashion diva, a business-savvy entrepreneur, or a robot or all three. Changing identities is quick and easy, so if you tire of your avatars outfit or body, shop for a new one in Second Life or from your web browser. Then switch it in seconds.

Every minute, Residents assemble buildings, design new fashion lines and launch clubs and businesses. Theres always more to see and do.

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Video made by ILL Clan Animation Studio for Linden Lab.

● Director – Kerria Seabrooke
● Machinima DP – Paul Jannicola
● Sound Design – Paul Jannicola
● Second Life Animations – Damien Fate
● Second Life Builds – Damien Fate
● Art Direction – Kerria Seabrooke
● Second Life Scripting – Jason Crisman
● Editors – Kerria Seabrooke, Tom Donnelly
● Graphics & Special FX – Tom Donnelly
● Produced – Kerria Seabrooke, Paul Jannicola, Frank Dellario
● Second Life Extras Coordinator – Razzi Rockett

● 2raw 777 League Racetrack
● InSilico
● Kijiji
● Raymond Conference Center
● Tempura Island
● Truth Island

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