Riot Games Presents: League of Legends 3D Mode -

Riot Games Presents: League of Legends 3D Mode

League of Legends
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Get ready to experience League of Legends like you’ve never seen it before: in breathtaking 3D! 3D is changing the way we game, and soon you’ll be able to experience all the action and excitement of an action-packed battle on the Field of Justice through the magic of this stunning new technology.

Learn more about the upcoming 3D Mode here:


  1. who else is from 2018?

    jeez the visuals are….intense

  2. joined this game for 3D mode turns out there isnt one!! Time to boycott!!

  3. 3damn, I miss dominion. The first game of LOL is on the gamemode of dominion, had so much fun building ad on teemo because I dont know that ability power is. (the banner of command was awesome)

  4. 2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?2019?

  5. рито пофиксите пинг пж

  6. Jajaja me trajo recuerdos ese trailer

  7. That dominion gamemode looks fun I can't wait to try it!

  8. Farewell…Twisted Treeline won't ever forget you

  9. В рекомендациях, спустя 8 лет👍

  10. Do you remenber the April fools 2020? yes, the release fiddlesticks's rework
    0% joke

  11. Thanks YouTube for recommending this after 9 years

  12. Wey ra 5 năm trước game giống thế này à 😆

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