Real "3D Chess Board" -

Real “3D Chess Board”

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My latest work: a 3D chessboard for a moch more complex game of chess! I hope you like it!


  1. Jesus really?Please 🙏 God take my life…

  2. I don't git it…..????

    Is the rules for playing this type of chess board the same the conventional chess games?

  3. yeah…chess is the same…but the visual perception is a lot more challenging…! You have to try it…it really isn't easy at all…=)

  4. that's not 3D, that's a landscape.
    Call it Chess-scape instead.
    Real 3D would have three dimensions of movement, and therefore be in Cubes!

  5. @Gabe69Velasquez Yes. It would be much more challenging to have more than one level in the vertical dimension.

  6. this one looks much cooler than the original but in the end is the same game.

  7. @GreenBlaky
    Of course it's not easy! You have to stand up each time to see the pieces on the other side!

  8. @angelovdeyan
    yeah… YOUR WRONG. It has three dimensions like a mountain has three dimensions, the pieces themselves DON'T move in a third dimension, it is still only ONE level of play even if some of the squares are not level. I said it a year ago and it has not changed today. It is a very ugly and awkward GIMMICK and nothing more.

  9. Very cool looking, but you have the knights and bishops in the wrong positions.

  10. That's really cool. Keep at it. then try and sell your 3d chess sets online to people 😀

  11. It's normal a normal board…. Just some pieces are elevated, it adds nothing to the games complexity….btw your knights and bishops are switched

  12. you messed up the initial position of the knights and bishops 🙂

  13. it's cool but you wouldn't be able see the other players moves.

  14. this is neat for display, but as for actual gaming, all it would do is make it more difficult to play. does nothing for the game of chess, but makes a good art piece though. cool.

  15. Maybe you should stick to checkers, since you don't even know how to set the chess pieces up. You had the knights, bishops, and the king and queen in the wrong places, unless those are the new rules to 3d chess.

  16. that "one out of the big bang theory" is actually off star trek, hence why they would have one..

  17. i am pretty sure that the knights don't touch the king or queen in the starting position….

  18. virtual chess in a cube that would be amazing

  19. It'd be really annoying to play speed chess on it. Also, not really "3-D" the movemente dimensions are still the same.

  20. not bad at all. i actually started making a 3D chess board. i will post the link to the video once im done.

  21. it s actually beautiful to look at. i wouldn t fancy a game on it though.

  22. se ve muuuuuuyyyyy genial!! de veras. pero al parecer es poco practico

  23. its cool and took a lot of work but thats looks like such a pain to play its not even funny but I would like to try it once
    great job

  24. Lol at the knight and bishop's places being switched.

  25. If you want to make 3D chess all you'd have to do is make a 8 X 8 X 8 cube.

  26. Wonderful and brilliant! Congratulations.

  27. What is this shit? I wanted to see 3D chess from TBBT…

  28. how can i buy 1
    pot it on amazon or eBay
    its amazing

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