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Ranking the 3D Mario Games (Including Odyssey)

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In this video we rank the 3D Mario games which include, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and 2, 3D Land, 3D World, and Odyssey.
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  1. 7. Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
    6. Super Mario 3D World (2013)
    5. Super Mario 64 (1996)
    4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
    3. Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
    2. Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
    1. Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

  2. 8: Super Mario 64 DS
    7: Super Mario 3D Land
    6: Super Mario 3D World
    5: Super Mario Sunshine
    4: Super Mario Galaxy
    3: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2: Super Mario Odyssey
    1: Super Mario 64

  3. 64: Groundbreaking
    Sunshine: Huge graphical update
    Galaxy: Best music
    Galaxy 2: Great sequel
    3D Land: First portable one (other than 64 ds)
    3D world: 2D-Style levels
    Odyssey: Huge worlds, pays homage to classic installments

  4. Luiz Henrique LH [SuperSmashBrosFan] ꤶ says:

    My Ranking:
    8. Super Mario 64 DS (7/10)
    7. Super Mario 3D Land (7.7/10)
    6. Super Mario Sunchine (8.5/10)
    5. Super Mario Oddysey (9/10)
    4. Super Mario 3D World (9/10)
    3. Super Mario 64 (9.3/10)
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (9.8/10)
    1. Super Mario Galaxy (10/10)

  5. I Think This List Is Almost 100% The Same As What I Would Have Picked, Except For Mario Galaxy 1 And 2, Personally I Think That The Way The Story Developed, The Music And The Way The Home Area Looks With The Different Observatorys And The General Look Of The Place That Just Looks A Bit More Like It Fits The The General Theme Of Mario Galaxy, Just Bumps It Past The Introductions Of The Yoshi, The Cloud Power ups And All Of The New Gameplay features And Levels That Mario Galaxy 2 Brought, But That Is Just My Opinion.

    I Do Realise That Some Of That Kind Of Doesn't Make Sense, But Oh Well, You Get What I Was Saying………Hopefully.

  6. 7. 3D Land
    6. 3D World
    5. Galaxy 2
    4. Galaxy 1
    3. Sunshine
    2. 64
    1. Odyssey

  7. I can’t choose between 3D World and Sunshine, but Odyssey is my favourite.

  8. I dont know how to spell cheeto it was auto correct says:

    I haven't watched it yet but galaxy better be first it was our childhood

  9. I completly agree with your list but i would put galaxy2 on place 2 and galaxy1 on place 1

  10. Ranking 3d mario games
    7 super mario 3d world
    6 super mario 3d land
    5 super mario gaxley 2
    4 super mario sunshine
    3 super mario gaxley
    2 super mario odyssey
    1 super mario 64

  11. Galaxy > Odyssey. Galaxy feels like a true adventure. Odyssey feels cheap and rushed.

  12. 1- Oddysey
    2- Galaxy 2
    3- 64
    4- Galaxy
    5- 3d world
    6- 3d land
    7- Sunshine
    8- 64 DS

  13. Sunshine is so underrated I think its better than galaxy

  14. Man they should add Galaxy 2 to 3D collection somehow 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Sunshine is not better than 3d world eh.its a buggy mess and too much beach.

  16. Odyssey was too gimmicky. That's why galaxy beats it

  17. My ranking
    8. 64
    7. 3D land
    6. 64 DS
    5. Odyssey
    4. Galaxy 2
    3. 3D World
    2. Galaxy
    1. Sunshine
    Note: I like all of these games

  18. Woah woah woah, Odyssey is not in a deserving spot

  19. Really, I have 2 big reasons why I love Galaxy over Galaxy 2. It has more soul and character, and it doesn't have Green Stars. Well…I guess it does, but only 3 of them as opposed to 120 that are just dumped all over the world map to pad the game out.

  20. From the ones I've played I like them all to varying degrees. Odyssey is still my favorite though, partly because it feels the most like a proper collectathon platformer to me where you find things through 'uninterrupted' exploring. I've never been fond of the groundhog day style of some of the others where you get booted out of a level after every task. Sunshine especially went overboard with that.

  21. I just love this guys positive attitude I wish he was my friend

  22. The galaxy’s games, on top where they belong 😈 they truly are the best Mario games of all time

  23. I noticed a mistake in the list, you put Sunshine below 64. We all know Sunshine's the better game

  24. Why isn't super Mario 3d land and 3d world don't have a super Mario sunshine reference

  25. My list:

    6. 3D Land
    5. Mario 64
    4. Sunshine (people downplay it and imo it might be even more thematic and immersive than galaxy)
    3. 3D World (would've been below sunshine without co-op mode, i've had so much fun playing it with family)
    2. Mario Galaxy (duh)
    1. Oddysey (even bigger duh)

    Haven't played galaxy 2
    Also I hope people start understanding the difference between revolutionary and good, just because 64 and galaxy were revolutionary doesn't mean they were the best.

  26. 1. Super Mario Galaxy 1
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3. Super Mario Odyssey
    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    5. Super Mario 3d World
    6. Super Mario 3d Land

    Ok I just watched the vid and all I did was switch the galaxies XD

  27. Nintendo played with gravity in mario galaxy mario land 2 am I a joke to u

  28. Nothing comes close to galaxy 1 and 2 for me!

  29. 7. 3d land 6. 3d world 5. Sunshine 4. Galaxy 2 3. 64 2. Galaxy 1 1. Odyssey

  30. 3D land is my favorite, but I respect your opinion 🙂

  31. Mexican Cone‘s with shotguns Matt adventures says:

    You forgot the Ds

  32. Mexican Cone‘s with shotguns Matt adventures says:

    64 Ds you forgot it

  33. Yes! Smg2 was my first 3D Mario and remains my favourite to this day, it definitely deserves top spot. The music, the level design, the enhanced gameplay is all fantastic and I really want a galaxy 3!

    Edit: forgot to say, smg2 is my favourite video game of all time, not just my favourite Mario game 🙂

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