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Ranking EVERY Super Mario Game – PBG

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PeanutButterGamer ranks his favorite Super Mario games on a tier list!
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  1. Can confirm Mario 3 is the best Mario game only after Yoshi's Island because I'm biased

  2. Super Mario 64 was and still is the best of all Mario Games

  3. What your favourite Mario game says about you:
    Super Mario Bros: You love the classics.
    Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels: You are a god of gaming.
    Super Mario Bros 2: You can't beat The Lost Levels and think this is way better.
    Super Mario Bros 3: You hate Super Mario World.
    Super Mario Land: You are good at pronouncing difficult words.
    Super Mario World: You hate Super Mario Bros 3.
    Super Mario Land 2: You have very good taste in 2D platformers :).
    Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island: You enjoy art.
    Super Mario 64: You were blown away by the graphics back in the day.
    Super Mario Sunshine: You like to be unique.
    New Super Mario Bros: You were happy to see 2D mario games back when it first came out.
    Super Mario Galaxy: You also have very good taste :).
    New Super Mario Bros Wii: You love the Koopalings because you fight them a million times in this game.
    Super Mario Galaxy 2: You have good taste. But you like something a bit more challenging.
    Super Mario 3D Land: 2D plaformers are your thing but you like it when 3D games are based on them.
    New Super Mario Bros 2: You love coins.
    New Super Mario Bros U: You like to keep things the same.
    Super Mario 3D World: You like catchy music.
    Super Mario Run: You have no games consoles but wanted play a Mario game.
    Super Mario Odyssey: You love good graphics.

    This is all a joke btw. Please don't take this seriously.

  4. Disrespect to New Super Mario Bros.

  5. I HATE the levels without Fludd in Mario Sunshine

  6. We need a review of Super Mario Bros. (1993) starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. That movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  7. Bro why u do new super Mario Wii like that that game was a banger

  8. Is no one gonna talk about how he mistook the super Mario 3D world for 3D land

  9. The original super Mario bros wii deserves s tear without a shadow of a doubt but I’m glad you atleast put the galaxies in s respect

  10. I like super Mario sunshine but I don't think that this game in Mario's level


  12. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t rank it because at least he saved it from a new z tier he would have to create for it

  13. Mario sunshine at A tier is fair. for me it is SS+ it was my bread and butter.

  14. I feel like i'm one of the only people who dislikes mario odyssey.

  15. Mario Galaxy I think is very overrated, not a bad game but I played it recently and my nostalgia just disappeared, it’s such a simple game, there’s not much freedom as in the others and Mario’s move set is just JUMP

  16. New Super Mario Bros Wii is my favorite.

  17. Super Mario bros 3 was the first game I've ever played, still my favorite mario game, good list

  18. 17:25
    This is when everyone else is using pro controllers but I’m using a single joystick in smash bros ultimate. It keeps moving probably further than you in sunshine. It de-syncs so instead of tapping it holds until it reconnects

  19. Yo…you need to play the Lost Levels. If you like the rage of Sunshine, then that one might be up your alley.

  20. What you said about Mario Sunshine being sooooo jumpy is 10000% my biggest fault with it. I love the game though!

  21. Sunshine being thumbs down on the thumbnail.
    Every Mario game yet not really every Mario game.


  22. Are we gonna get a G-Files on that Mario doll?

  23. i am sorry, i don't know why but i like smw more the smb3

  24. This guy is so bad at YouTube. He didn't even mention Da Lost Levels, the best Mario game released for the NES at Japan.

  25. You talk about how your Mario doll is haunted and the go straight into Mario 3. There’s a good joke in there trust me

    Hint: AVGN episode 😉

  26. Top ten best mario games
    10 super mario land
    9 3d world
    8 mario maker
    7 new super mario bros ds
    6 sunshine
    5 gaxley
    4 mario world 2 yoshi island
    3 super mario 3
    2 64
    1 super mario bros

  27. Alternate title: peebs kinda ranks games but also rants about sunshine for much too long

  28. F Tier
    17. New Super Mario Bros. 2
    16. Super Mario Odyssey
    D Tier
    C Tier
    15. Super Mario 3D Land
    14. New Super Mario Bros. U
    B Tier
    13. Super Mario Sunshine
    A Tier
    12. Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins
    11. New Super Mario Bros.
    10. Super Mario 3D World
    09. Super Mario Bros. 2
    08. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
    S Tier
    07. Super Mario Bros. 3
    06. Super Mario 64
    05. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    04. Super Mario Galaxy
    SS Tier
    03. Super Mario Bros
    02. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    01. Super Mario World

  29. So….there is an entire generation of people who grew up with New Super Mario Bros as the definition of 2D Mario for them. Those games are huge sellers and that is going to affect what Mario is in the next decades.

  30. SMB3 vs World is a pick your poison debate. Both kind of accomplish the same things mechanically, introducing concepts and iterating upon them through a wonderful little game.

    The difference is how much you value level size. Mario 3 had these great little bite size worlds and Mario world has longer levels with more a focus on secrets you find through exploring.

    Personally I like World better. I think the art style, music, and exploring is just too notch. It defines my early gaming memories.

  31. Mario Bros. 3 still has the best power ups of any Mario game

  32. I love the platform fludd less levels in Sunshine! I’ve played the game so many times I can play each one flawlessly. No deaths! My favorite is the lily pad mini game but man it’s a pain to get to!

  33. I saw Mario sunshine next to a down arrow and I clicked to angrily comment
    Anyways cool video

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    What do you guys think? Agree with my tier list? Disagree? Thanks for watching! =)

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