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Ranking EVERY Single Super MARIO Switch Game! (2020 Holiday Edition)

Switch Stop
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Super Mario is Nintendo’s BIGGEST franchise ever, and there are 12 total games starring the red plumber on the Nintendo Switch! As we enter Holiday 2020, it’s time to rank them! Well, that’s gonna be the topic of today’s video! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. lets-a-go! cant go wrong with that right?

  2. My top 5 (on switch):
    5th mario kart 8 deluxe
    4th marios 3d all stars
    3rd yoshis crafted world
    2nd mario partey
    1st mario odessey

  3. Looking and using a Nintendo switch is pain for me

  4. Fawful 2.0 From An Alternate Universe says:

    I completely disagree with super Mario 3d world being better than super Mario oddysey

  5. Mario kart 8 deluxe should’ve been at number 8

  6. 🤔 smash bros ultimate duh how that’s not on the list but Mario and sonic at the olympics 👀👀👀 sir your list in invalid

  7. Real ogs would know that Super Mario galaxy is the best Mario game. Even though it’s not on switch.

  8. I first bought the switch only to play mario but now I’m playing competitive fortnite so don’t have time to buy and play any mario haha

  9. I got 3d all stars and smash bros ultimate got my switch 2 days ago

  10. Rabbids I remember that shit on the wii

  11. I know its technically not a Mario game but where would Luigi Mansion 3 rank on this list cause I've never played it

  12. You think Mario kart 8 is better then Mario kart double dash ?

  13. Mario odyssey was amazing but I can't say that a Mario kart isn't at least the 2nd best Mario game on switch. and people can call me crazy but the levels on a full story Mario game are 100℅ better than Mario maker levels. also you need switch online so I think Mario U deluxe should be over Mario maker 2

  14. I am saying this late but where is super smash Bros ultimate

  15. does this guy that made this video even now that you can make your own mario corses in mario maker 2 he did not even say that you could make your own corses he was just blahbering about corses made by other pepole online witch the online is not the best it kinda sucks i just like to make my own corses and then play them

  16. Super Mario odyssey is infinitely better than Mariokart 8 deluxe

  17. You help so much thanks I have 3D world on my wii u so I won’t get that I’m going to get super Mario Odyssey I have Mario Kart 8:)

  18. Party is a relly fun game I never played any other ones and my grandma can play and sometimes win

  19. BRO, on the Wii U, u can buy new super Mario bros u and new super Luigi U

  20. The reason I don’t like Mario odyssey is…

    1. The story mode is verrrrry ez

    2. The game after that wants u to get more moons… but u can LITERALLY just buy moons

    3. The boss fights were fun but not the best BUT there is a rematch which is supposed to be harder but some of them are EASIER and the ones that got harder are still ez

    4. The controls well idk how to say this but it felt clunky and gross? Idk but if someone can tell me why I feel that way pls tell me

    5. The moons arnt fun to find they are a chore I mean one time you have to go under quick sand and go under this whole just for one moon



    it was so annoying to have to find all of these moons since I was doing a blind play through AND AFTER ALL OF THAT I GET THE ENDING THEME OF SM!! It wasn’t worth 5k hours and if ur wondering why I kept playing it’s bc of bragging rights

  21. Imagine if oddesey got online. It could be a race to a moon and the first person to get it goes up in the ranks that update every month to give players more chances. That would be cool!

  22. I only played mario party 8 and 9 so super mario party should be cool

  23. Why is home circuit the coolest thing I’ve ever seen lmao

  24. Hello, great tier list! Which Mario switch game should I purchase first?
    1. SMM2
    2. SM3DW+ BF

  25. I’m getting a switch almost entirely for playing all the Mario games.

  26. I’ve played older Mario party games should I get a new one.

  27. I love Mario 3d platformers. They are some of my favorite games to play. My favorites are Odyssey, 3d world, and mario allstars. I would say SMM2 is better than NSMBU.

  28. i’m looking to get a switch lite around christmas time and plan on getting shining pearl and then a mario game and idk which mario game is best for portable play

  29. +Switch Stop can you add to the description the name of each game and it's ranking or in a comment please and pin it?
    Thanks, great video.

  30. Can some1 pls tell me any mario switch game thats free?

  31. My ranking:
    14. Mario kart live home circuit
    13. Mario kart 8 deluxe
    12. Super Mario party
    11. Mario & Sonic at the olimpics games
    10. Paper Mario the origami King
    9. Mario golf super rush
    8. Mario tennis aces
    7. Mario + Rabbids kingdom battle
    6. Super Mario odyssey
    5. Super Mario maker 2
    4. Super Mario 3D all Stars
    3. New Super Mario Bros U deluxe
    2. Super Mario 3D world
    1. Super Mario Bros 35

  32. I want to Buy the 3D world but my mom and dad won't let me buy it

  33. It cost less to buy it separately from the Mario kart8 cuz that games on sale a lot or I can find for less than metroid dread now and zelda breath of wild. I skipped the Wii and I haven't been finding the great 1st party games on psn n xbox so I have to conne back to where it all began as a kid with Nintendo games duck hunt mario metroid zelda. I didn't like the Wii gimmicks and motion things were just too much to deal with lol. I just got the switch this yr for my Own kids so decided to get another one so we cam play together

  34. I want a new mario game this christmas and Im pretty split about what I want I only am going to ask for one game and I want either Mario bros deluxe or 3d world I played the mario bros on the wii so i do not know what to ask for and suggestions?

  35. amazing video !! going to buy a switch in a week and this helps 🙂

  36. 1- Mario Odyssey
    2- Mario Odyssey
    3- Mario Odyssey
    4- Mario Odyssey

  37. I want to get a Nintendo switch lite, am I able to play all games on it? I have an Xbox one so that’s the system I wanna use for the tv playing, I want the switch for when I’m away from the tv, but I’m wondering if it’s not that good

  38. I really like mario rabbids and 3d world

  39. Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are my favorite Nitendo switch games

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