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Ranking All the 3D Mario Games (Mario’s 35th Anniversary)!

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The 100 subscriber you all wanted is here! In today’s episode I rank all the 3D Mario’s in honor of super Mario 3D all-Stars as well as Mario’s 35th anniversary. Each section is unique and different so I hope you watch till the end!
Video Credits:
All Super Mario Galaxy footage: – SullyPwnz
All Super Mario Galaxy 2 footage: – SullyPwnz
All 3D world footage: Skycoh Plays
All Mario Sunshine Footage: – SullyPwnz
Most Mario Odyssey Footage: – SullyPwnz
Mario Odyssey Speedrun: – Tyrone18
Rosalina’s Storybook: – ItsHardtoCoOp

Music Used:
Fossil Falls – Super Mario Odyssey
Hisstocrat – Super Mario 3D World
Motley Bossblob – Super Mario 3D World
Bomb-Omb Battlefield – Super Mario 64
Unidentified Planet – Super Mario Galaxy 2
Cosmic Cove – Super Mario Galaxy 2
Bianco Hills – Super Mario Sunshine
Honeylune Ridge – Super Mario Odyssey
Jump Up Super Star (instrumental) – Super Mario Odyssey
To the Gateway – Super Mario Galaxy
Luma – Super Mario Galaxy
Sad Story – Super Mario Galaxy
Space Junk Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy



  1. Well justified. Honestly this video deserves 60 times the amount of views that it has. Subscribed

  2. I thought I was watching some big youtuber because of the quality of this video you are one of the most underrated youtubers I have ever seen.

  3. very good top , +1like i'm happy someone loves galaxy 1

  4. Wow, I really like your editing style, and I love this video! Congrats on 100 subs, even though it is so late, and I will be subscribing for this video! The only thing I disagreed with is 3D world, but I understand why you placed it so low. Looking forward to new content!

  5. You need more subs
    I can see you having over 1000 by the new year honestly

  6. That was really well written, put, and edited. Your speech about super Mario galaxy really resonated with me, and made me feel emotional. I was surprised when I exited full screen and saw this was made by a small channel. You earned a sub

  7. This is a super good video. Keep up the good work.

  8. Doesn’t rank 3D land.
    Me: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  9. i thought this was a popular creator, that’s how well it’s made. keep it up

  10. This was the perfect 3d mario ranking all of the rankings to me were right

  11. Honestly I love super mario 3d world but the other ones are so good that it is only better than 64 because 64 doesn't hold up.

  12. Look at the amount of shade thrown at Super Mario 3D Land in the thumbnail alone

  13. Here’s my ranking of the games.

    1. Galaxy 1
    2. Odyssey
    3. 64
    4. Sunshine
    5. 3D World
    6. Galaxy 2
    7. 3D Land

  14. I had to subscribe. You are shockingly underrated.

  15. The reason you love Super Mario Galaxy is the same reason why I love Super mario galaxy 2. That's my first 3D mario game when I was a kid

  16. 3d world is my second favorite, its got great levels and has got a lot of replay ability imo, it’s also super fun to speedrun.

  17. My list (for the ones I’ve played) :
    1. Sunshine
    2. Galaxy
    3. Odyssey
    4. 64

  18. im shocked to see you have only 300 hundred subs this is one of the best videos I have ever watched at the end and hearing you talk about mario galaxy was so nostalgic and I thank you for that. Well done

  19. my top 6
    1) 3D World
    2) Odyssey
    3) Galaxy 1 & 2
    4) Super Mario 64 DS
    5) Sunshine
    6) 3D Land

  20. You put 3d world t the bottom of the list and that hurt me ACTUALLY plus you talk like a robot and slow and cut off your sentences ngl

  21. Alright, don’t mind me, just gonna drop a sub, because you are very underrated and your editing is amazing

  22. But super Mario 3D land was my first 3D game a got

  23. is it bad that i got stuck on luigi's purple coins longer than any sunshine level?

  24. 3d world and odessey are my favorites

  25. 64 was made by like seven teen people

  26. 1-Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2-Super Mario Galaxy 1
    3-Super Mario 64 DS
    4-Super Mario 64
    5-Super Mario Odyssey
    6-Super Mario Sunshine
    7-Super Mario 3D World

    I never played 3d land lmao

  27. This video was so well done. I don’t usually sit down and watch videos that are over 10 minutes long but I sat through this video in its entirety. I don’t agree with some of your opinions here, but I can tell that you did a great job with this video because despite our differences in opinion, I still kept on watching. If you produce more videos like these then I’m sure you’ll see more subs flock in. Anyways you’ve earned yourself a sub

  28. This was a pretty fantastic video. Better than any other video ranking Mario games that I've seen.

  29. Hopefully number 6 will change with the Bowser’s Fury mode. (I love SM3DW)

  30. I fucking died when I mentioned city escape and radical highway

  31. Im so glad you didn't put Odyssey at number 1. I know why people love that game so much but for me it was missing a lot of things that I really like about 3D Mario, playable Luigi being the biggest one. Here's how I would rank the 3D Mario games:

    1. Super Mario Galaxy
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3. Super Mario Sunshine
    4. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario 64 DS
    6. Super Mario 64
    7. Super Mario 3D Land
    8. Super Mario Odyssey

    "Why is Odyssey below 3D Land?"

    Because 3D Land still had Luigi as a playable character (which again is my favorite unlockable in a 3D Mario), it had quick fun levels, was easy and fun to 100% complete, and it was a handheld 3D Mario so my expectations weren't very big for it anyway

    All in all, I thought the video was great and somebody is getting a sub!

  32. I really disagree with galaxy 1 as number 1, I 100% the game on 3d all stars, but imo I was just really boring. The first 20 mins were fun, but then it all followed the same pattern of landing and solving the mini puzzle on the island and take the jump pad. The levels look amazing, but it's just a shame that you spawn in and know that half the planets in the background will not be noticed. The levels that were really fun for me however was the prankster comets one because their always a challenge and the secret stars because it's cool playing something entirely new. If I had to put galaxy 1 in your list it would be 4 and mario galaxy 2 at 3, sunshine at 2 and odyssey at 1

  33. How is 64 the title with "The least things wrong with it" when it's probably the worst experience you could ever have with 3D mario

  34. My ranking:
    1)Galaxy 2
    5)3d world
    7)3d land

  35. Galaxy 2 has yoshi. Galaxy one doesn't. Need i say more?

  36. Are you teaching us a lesson or something?

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