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Ranking All 3D Mario Games from Worst to Best – Infinite Bits

Infinite Bits
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Back at it again with another ranking video. This time we are ranking all of the 3D Super Mario games from worst to best

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  1. Why in the world is M64 first, it is the worst one I’m my opinion

  2. My List:
    7: 3D Land
    6: 3D World
    5: 64 (don’t kill me)
    4: Sunshine
    3: Galaxy 1
    2: Galaxy 2
    1: Odyssey

  3. This is the most objective and factual ranking of the 3d games that totally isn't subject, but literal FACT:
    1)Mario Galaxy
    2)3D World
    3)Mario Sunshine
    4)Mario Galaxy 2
    5)Mario Odyssey
    6)Mario 3D land
    7)Mario 64

  4. I agree with some points of this list, but I have some points of criticism, so I made my own list WITH SM64DS AND BOWSER'S FURY included:

    9th: Super Mario 3D Land remains here, I absolutely adore this game but even then, I can see that as much as it changed, it was a downgrade from the other 3d mario games, and if you have 3d world, you've kinda played a lot of 3d land, but, 3d land still holds up great to date, and has the most content out of any mario game to existance with 16 WORLDS! (besides Odyssey)

    8th: Super Mario Sunshine, a very critical game, you either love it or hate it, I'm the ladder. I personally think it's better than 3D Land, only because of the idea and open world gameplay, but I hate the controls in this game, I just don't like them for some reason, and it is so unbelievably buggy and clearly rushed and unfinished, it's last level is a pain, the physics are a pain, I just don't like the game, but, FLUDD is so cool, and that is why this game is saved, FLUDD makes the game so much more unique and alive, top that with the great music, and you have yourself a "successful" game on a dead system, but remember, this is all MY opinion, if you think I may have missed something or don't like the list, feel free to reply to this comment with your opinions!

    7th: Super Mario 64, it hurts me to put this game so low on the list, but today standards, it just doesn't hold up nearly as much as it held up in the late 90's, it can havewonky physics at times, break sometimes, you can accidentally slide down something when you weren't trying to, clip through things when you didn't want to, and similarly to sunshine, there are very noticable cut corners, for example, Pokeys and 1-ups are 2D and not 3D. This game though still paved a very straight path for all 3D Mario games, and 3D games in general, and has some of the most memorable sounds, songs, characters, bosses, levels, and hub worlds to EVER exist. Solid for one of the pioneers of the 3d game genre.

    6th: Super Mario 64 DS, its Mario 64, but 10x better, and is overlooked and ignored by many, even though it was technically the first 3D Mario game to be on a handheld. This game improved heavily on the original, adding new characters, levels, locations, sounds, and much more to an already existing Mario title. Although, in the end, its really just a remastered 1996 3D Mario game, with a lot not changing.

    5th: Super Mario Galaxy 2, a game seemingly ignored by Nintendo, even if that isn't true when they make Super Mario 35th pins of Mario riding Yoshi from the front cover of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Funny enough, this is the only 3D Mario game I have not gotten a hold of, even though I have a Wii, I just haven't boughten it yet. But from what I know, the game is a lot of content scrapped from the original Mario Galaxy, which isn't a bad thing, but I feel they probably could've put more time into rereleasing scrapped content for a 3 year old game at that point. (mind you this is based off what I know frpom Galaxy 2 without playing it!)

    4th: Super Mario 3D World, now this may be an odd choice for the sequel of 3D Land to be this high on the list, but man do I love this game. It always sounds, so good, you cannot describe it, just take a listen to Bowser's theme, first introduced in this game, and then come back. There are so many new moves that were cut from 3D Land, like the roll, the air roll, the ground pound, double ground pound, long jump, rolling long jump, and many more. Then the power ups are so delicious too, like the Super Bell, Lucky Bell, the introduction to the Mega Mushroom in 3D Mario games, the double cherry, and many other power ups. Although it still has its downsides, I think the positives outway the negatives by far!

    3rd: Super Mario Galaxy, what a game man, what a goddamn game, so creative, so smart, so risky yet so safe, and such a good soundtrack to pursue. This was a revolutionary game showing how the Wii could perform, even in the hardest circumstances, and man the moveset is so GOOD! The levels are designed thoroughly and are very creative with what they have to offer, the game has a lot of content to offer to you too, so many galaxies, the bosses are fun and creative, there are just so many good things I could list about this game, but, there still are two more I would rank higher.

    2nd: Bowser's Fury, and OH GOD THIS IS GOOD, only one complaint I could EVER have with this, its so short! It's only 3-5 hours long for the average player. But the things this game did right, IT DID RIGHT. This game is OUTSTANDING, making itself look stunning and basically treats itself like a really, really good appetiser you would get at a restaurant, short but sweet, so many creative ideas, and so much content put into a short gamemode. This really was a tidbit to all of the Mario fans leading up to the rerelease of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

    1st: In number one, we have, the one, the only, Super Mario Odyssey, just saying the name gets me hyped to talk about it! This game did everything right, with the new idea of capturing Mario's most infamous enemies, and capturing new enemies too, the kingdoms were stunning, and thats the minimum I can say about them, they are so good I don't have words to describe them, this game has such a fluid control layout that you can do almost anything and go almost anywhere with this list of movements for Mario, and the Mushroom kingdom compiles great little nods and references to all of these old mario games, Super Mario 64 mostly, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario World in the form of Yoshi's house being a visitable location now, Super Mario 3D Land through the Tanooki Tree down by the waterfall, and so many references to past Mario experiences through the great costumes you can wear! So many characters and new bosses and theres just so much more content to list that I could be here all day talking about how good some of these games are.

    As you know, all of these games are great regardless of my opinions on Sunshine, 64 and 64DS, and everytime a new 3D Mario game is released, its always a celebration, heres to great 3D Mario games coming up in the near future! Once again if you would change anything about this list, feel free to reply! Thank you so mush for to reading my list! ; )

  5. Honestly i think odyyesys best sunshine 2nd galaxy 3rd galaxy 2 4th mario 64 5th mario 3d world 6th and 3d land 7th

  6. Your videos are so good 😎👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  7. I agree with your list but 3D Land and 3D world I think we're awesome in their own right but when compared to the other ones they do finish last.

  8. Also Mario 64 used to be my all-time favorite game and Mario game ever, but after really replaying all of them together one after another I've realized I've had just a lot of nostalgia from Mario 64 and that's what makes it seem so good to me. But I know that at the time it was freaking phenomenal and state-of-the-art, LOL even future state of the art

  9. My ranking:
    7. Super Mario 3D Land
    6. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario Odyssey
    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario 64
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    1. Super Mario Galaxy

  10. My ranking:
    1. 64
    2. 3D World
    3. Sunshine
    4. Odyssey/Galaxy 2
    5. Galaxy
    6. 3D Land
    All of these games except 3D Land are some of my favorites of all time so it’s hard to rank them all. Personally I felt that the Galaxy games have the worst controls of any 3D Mario and I remember getting the most frustrated playing those 2 games than the others. Odyssey is great but if you watch HyperCharge’s critique it outlines a few issues I have with the game, mainly the rigid level structure. Sunshine is pretty jank which I don’t mind much but if it had a better level structure it’d probably be my favorite 3D Mario because I really like the setting and movement options that Mario has. 3D World at #2 because I don’t care if it’s relatively unoriginal I fucking love basic bitch Mario and this game is super fun and has a lot of cool enemy designs too. And 64 at #1 because it’s still easily objectively the best 3D Mario game, not even really a competition.

  11. Good list this is my list 7mario 3d land 6galaxy 2 5 sunshine 4 odyssey 3sm64 2 galaxy 1 nr1 super Mario 3d world

  12. omg, for the moment I just know the last 3 places, but I know I think the same no matter the result of the other places! when you said mario galaxy I was like OMG WHY?! but then you said 2 hahaha

  13. I’m biased cause I grew up with 3d land, same with growing up with Mario party 8, I love them even if they are shit

  14. 3:27
    Super Mario 3D world for the switch: clears throat allow me to introduce myself

  15. I love your channel and think you should have more subs, like a lot more. This was a great list too, although I have always felt like 3D world is underrated, it’s not my favorite Mario game but I would put it higher if I made this list. Have fun making more vids!

  16. Here are mine:

    7. 3d land
    6. 3d world
    5. sunshine
    4. galaxy 2
    3. odyessy
    2. 64
    1. galaxy

  17. Ranking 3d mario
    3d world
    3d land
    Gaxley 2
    Super Mario galaxy
    Super Mario 64
    Super Mario oddessy
    Super Mario sunshine

  18. When is top 10 carnival levels coming out?

  19. Crosby golden goal in the background

    Bruh I’m DEFINITELY subbing


  21. You:you can now use this hat thingy in a lot of new way
    Me:how dare you call cappy that!!!

  22. "999 stars in Odyssey"
    1. There's 104 stars, not 999.
    2. Even with 999 moons, that's kind of wrong. There are 2154 moons, since each shopping moon counts up to 99, even though the Odyssey only goes up to 999.

  23. Hi, this list makes so much sense and agree with pretty much all you’re opinions. I would swap Odyssey with 64, but meh. Also now that Bowser’s Fury is out, where would that go on the list

  24. My god my this channel is criminally underrated. There are a lot of moments where I find this channel better than other rankers like Nathaniel Bandy and Nicobbq (Though they are also very incredible and I’m not saying they’re bad) but I’ll have to disagree with you on Super Mario Galaxy 2 being so high. But this is 100% because it’s my favorite game of let’s see…all time but other than that your channel is one of my favorites it’s super good and keep up the good work man.

  25. My list is the exact same as yours but in reverse!


  27. Why people hate Mario 64:
    It's not 3D, it's 2D and blocky!

  28. Im glad i finally found someone who doesnt just act like Super Mario Odyssey is automatically the best

  29. My list
    7 3D land
    6 sunshine
    5 3D world
    4 64
    3 galaxy
    2 oddsery
    1 galaxy2

  30. How dare you rank Super Mario3D world so low!!! I'm ashamed

  31. You mindless ape, sm3dw should have been #1

  32. I love that you showed your own opinions on these games instead of just ranking galaxy 1 the best, as most people think it is. I personally expected you to do that until you put it in third. Then I thought you would put odyssey first but here we are lol

  33. My tier list:
    7. 3D land
    6. 3D world
    5. Galaxy 1
    4. Galaxy 2
    3. Odyssey
    2. 64
    1. Sunshine

  34. Sorry I'll put 64 in the last cuz Idk how to play

  35. Ranked 3d Mario
    3d land
    3d world
    Gaxley 2

  36. 1. Odyssey 2. Sunshine 3. Galaxy 4. Galaxy 2 5. Mario 64 IMO most people overrate Mario 64 from personal nostalgia even though every subsequent Mario game improved on it. Also the thing about Sunshine while it might not be objectively the most polished, it has the best physics and most challenge of any of the 3D Mario games.

  37. Render96's SM64 has got me almost placing 64 over Odyssey too lol

  38. I Argee With the list 3rd land ehhh………….. 3rd world is better!

  39. mye ranking is
    7.mario 3d land
    6. mario 3d world
    5.super mario galaxy 2
    4.super mario sunshine
    3.super mario oddesy
    2.super mario 64
    1. super mario galaxy

  40. What, how is super Mario 3D world so low!

  41. My ranking:
    7: Sunshine
    6: 3d land
    5: Odyssey
    4: Galaxy
    3: Galaxy 2
    2: 64
    1: 3d world
    ( I grew up with 3d world and 3d land )

  42. I like finding small, underrated YouTube channels like this one where the videos actually have good editing and scripting!

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