PS5 Games - 3D Audio -

PS5 Games – 3D Audio

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Immerse yourself in soundscapes where it feels as if the sound comes from every direction. Your surroundings truly come alive with Tempest 3D AudioTech with compatible headphones in supported games.


  1. It's not just for games, I was watching a movie with them on and the 3D audio worked super well.

  2. Some people may not notice difference. I want a custom profile made just for me.

  3. The console sounds amazing on my surround sound system…

  4. If this new trailer is for the headset that came out like 8 months ago, the hearing is great, but I keep hearing my mic is trash with an insane echo.

  5. I have them… don’t really hear it. I can’t get the 3D audio difference in Mikes Morales. It does sound surround, but not really above and below.

  6. The 3D audio in Demons Souls is insane with these headphones🔥🔥🔥

  7. Thing is you can try to simulate 3d audio all you want but don't surround sound speakers make more sense?

  8. Is 3d audio basically the same thing as Dolby Atmos?

  9. But you can’t hear people voice while you using Bluetooth

  10. How to know if my headphones have 3d audio? I have skullcandy crusher evo

  11. My ps5 is so loud that i might have to wear these headphones

  12. give… new….games…. please…. it's been…. 7… months…

  13. P7 of the arctis family my friend the quality is worth it alone

  14. Welcome To The PS5 Future Games – 3D Audio

  15. Here in china the price is double the original price

  16. Sony has a great pairs but non of thоse. WH-1000XM4 has way more better surround sound and better quality even connected to TV not ps5 directly IMHO.

  17. Buy a home theater with 5 channels . You will thank me later

  18. I can't find definitive proof that the pulse headset is objectively better than the Platinum headset. Platinum headset even has larger drivers.

  19. This headset has horrible reviews in Amazon…

  20. The headset is missing RGB lighting and it hurts

  21. Where is my PS5?
    PS Now in RUSSIA pls!

  22. Ummmmm, I think my 2 dollar earphones can also do that

  23. Fun fact if you watch this on a ps5 it has 3d audio

  24. You need that headset for it to work. If you use a regular headset it sounds so bad 😂

  25. enough of this already. where is gyro aim when you can do it ??!!

  26. Play, like never…..ever evr eva…..whisper*always outta stok*

  27. Great, now I can hear my parents being disappointed with me in 3D audio.

  28. I remember my self buying an old 3D headset, now I can be deaf in one ear at a time

  29. The pulse headset is terrible. If you can afford better, do yourself the favor. If $100 is your limit, you probably won't be disappointed

  30. Idk my pulse headphones been curing in & out lately. Seems like I’m not the only one complaining about this problem.

  31. These are nice around premium in the ballpark. Don't expect them to outdo your premium PC setup

  32. The 3d audio of the ps5 is terrible. Sony needs to just add atmos(supported by most games for several years).

  33. I'm here to tell everyone I wish yall could experience this whole experience

  34. 3D audio on CoD Cold War is like cheating because it sounds so real you can’t believe it’s realism

  35. Man they aint kidding you i have one with thos ps5 headphones crazy played for a day when i got it lol

  36. Isn't this just like Spatial Surround on PC?

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