PROJECT BBQ | New Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Gameplay, Classes & More! -

PROJECT BBQ | New Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Gameplay, Classes & More!

Arekkz Gaming
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Let’s take a look at the new Project BBQ trailer and some of the class gameplay.

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  1. No priest? Disappointing. If I can't play Exorcist, I won't even bother.

  2. All the games I want to play always seem to be years away. BBQ, Blue Protocol, OW2. Sigh

  3. I love DFO, the art is great, i see the female fighter going ham (my favorite class) and things look overall promising. I REALLY hope this is good, also hope to see the combat mage subclass or the soulbender subclass make it in.

  4. Nexon cancel Neople other game Peria Chronicle 9 years in development once so while I love what I see I do not have too high of an expectation

  5. wooh..Gonna immediately play this game right after running out of resin in Genshin Impact. Hoping for global release hihi

  6. imagine fighting the apostles in this. its gonna be crazy.

  7. love art and everything but knowing Neople.. this is gonna cost a lot for us…

  8. Seen it already months ago. Although I'm glad more people are aware of it.

  9. Another trailer that gets released 1 to 2 yrs from now with extra 1 year for global release, completely overshadowed by another MMO trailer. Repeat x999

  10. though it looks like it needs to be optimized better, still really stoked for this

  11. so 3 months later you decide to recap everything that 10000000 other people already pointed out… what a waste of fucking time

  12. Eh I was hoping for a 3-d side-scroll. With controller support, because using a Keyboard sucked. My hands always got bad cramps.

  13. My bet is hub base game, with that grafic very doubt it the stability of server

  14. Disappointed they are going with the loli mage once again since loli is really not my aesthetic but the female fighter looks astounding.

  15. as soon as the summoner comes out its a wrap.

  16. I would have rather have a stand-alone one and done game.

  17. i waiting for release date!! I don't wanna miss it out…..!!Dang

  18. As a long time fan of DnF/DFO, I am beyond hype for this game

  19. Would love to play this game but I'm not going to hold my breath.. and I can hold my breath for a LONGGGG time LOL.. good luck getting that reference LOL.

  20. That game is amazing but who knows when is going to be release here in USA.

  21. 玩了十几年的2d游戏 要变3d啦 好帅!!

  22. I don't need it….I don't need it…..

    I NEEEED IT!!!!!

  23. there are already 500 videos made with exactly same content 😀

  24. what im hoping is that this game REQUIRES roles. tanks/supports/healers. all im seeing so far are hard DPS classes but the game looks fun regardless. will keep my eyes out for it

  25. every fucking mmo i wanna play, didn't released yet, fucksake..

  26. As someone who played DFO for a few years on PC, I’m excited for this. However due to no longer having a PC currently, will this be on console platforms as well?

  27. if the real world looked like this it would be a welcomed change

  28. this can be as big as wow but project BBQ? or DFO online overkill ?

  29. It's just like any other 3d mmo…… will still be fun but it's lost some of its identity

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