Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D - 2nd Gameplay Trailer - New Character Show - UE4 -

Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D – 2nd Gameplay Trailer – New Character Show – UE4

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Video show Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D – 2nd Gameplay Trailer – New Character Show – UE4 2020 by Neople kr vs action studio nexon dungeon fighter online 2 3D dev 地下城与勇士
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  1. As an animator i have to say the movement looks a little stiff and choppy and could use some work. There are some points where the. Running looks smooth but overall it looks like the combat and movement its somewhat stiff compared to say genshin impact where the animation for everything has a massive attention to detail. Im strictly talking about the movement and some movement oriented combat animation not all of it. I love the flashy moves, they feel very extravagant and powerful. I wish more mmos would adopt a more flexible take on spells and abilities that feel unique and impactful.

  2. oh the memories of being young are coming back, playing dfo for hours on hours after getting out of class 10 years ago 🥺 I’m 22 now, and I always believed it would come to console

  3. Why does it have to be Nexon ?????!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
    FFS it's gonna brimming with pay2win and expensive everything… god damnit !

  4. As EPIC as this looks…..I hope this game has character creation. Cause I don’t want this game to have the only martial artist be a girl only. Men wanna throw hands too, not just swing a damn sword around…..

  5. if i make a gunner character i will name him Vash the stampede

  6. It seems a bit too easy to stagger enemies.

  7. can't lie this game doesn't feel impactful, cool, up to date, unique or anything, shit looks plain and boring, BDO tops this game easily, ESO tops this game easily, WoW tops this game easily, New World as well, can't see any reason as to why i'd even play this game, this video was meant to hype people up but they show us 0 UI, 0 actual gameplay just some random fighting to display classes that have skills that don't feel like skills lol, someone fill me in on as to why people are hyped to play this shit

  8. seems like they haven't even recorded dialogue yet lol

  9. Where is my Monk Class !!!!!!!!! >=(

  10. PLEASE I beg you for the love of god DO NOT BE PAY TO WIN or GACHA or any "pay to fast" shit.

  11. My dream come true!!! the king's avatar

  12. The game looks good. But im afraid about it being free or not, and if my pc will be able to run it. Or worse subscription (about to throw up). I will not lie i would like to know what is going to be buyable in this game with real currency?

  13. It looks really great but im a bit sad that this isn't a single player open world rpg at the same time, also I have some doubts that this will go f2p, only to pump it up after a month of the release with microtransactions and buy 2 play boosters upgrades etc.

  14. I hope there's a class similar to Mistress (f. Priest sub class) frm DFO.

  15. What Dragon Next could of been, I love DFO but I also loved Dragon Nest and this is getting my hyped

  16. to muito ansioso por esse jogo, parece ser o que estou a procurando a tempos.

  17. Yea I'd like to see a DFO summoner added into this…

  18. Another game which will never come out or will be ruined by some stupid 💰 mechanics.

  19. Coming from a vindictus vet, im looking forward for this rpg/mmorpg

  20. Very good game for my granddaughter and son

  21. Somehow this reminds me of blade and soul world, looks stunning.

  22. I was impressed but then i lost my shit at 2:28, i hope it going be a classic mmo where you can customize your character and not another genshin impact.

  23. Vamos esperar mais 3 anos para o próximo trailer, mais 2 anos para o beta, 1 ano open beta, 3 anos no oriente e finalmente em 2035 chega no ocidente.

  24. 던파 감성이 많이 삭제됬네..아쉽..

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