Pokemon MMORPG 3D - Pokemon Online Game!? (MMORPG WITH CUSTOM SERVERS!?) - creating3dgames.com

Pokemon MMORPG 3D – Pokemon Online Game!? (MMORPG WITH CUSTOM SERVERS!?)

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Pokemon MMORPG 3D – Pokemon Online Game!? (MMORPG WITH CUSTOM SERVERS!?)

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  1. I believe you have streamed this game before and this game looks really nice! Great game in my oppinion

  2. Hey ruffled im currently making a rom hack of pokemon ruby that pumps up the difficulty to the extreme i hope you could play it whem theres a demo or its complete in a live stream and there might be some surprises aswell!

  3. This game looks sick!! Love to see u make more vids on it :)))

  4. Hell yeah!! Lets hurry and get that server!

  5. Do more PokeOne reviews and shiny hunting streams!

  6. hi ruffled after watching you play this game now i want to see if i can play it on my computer to 😀

  7. ruffled you all plays good online games ^-^ i wish some of them i could play with you

  8. good up the good work on the vids and never give up ruffled ^-^

  9. Make a video on how to get a 3ds emu on Android/Ios

  10. I also play this game…nearly a month….and a gud game enough so…

  11. I love all 3d games so it's amazing and I'd love an custom server because I'd definitely play with you

  12. @Ruffled Rowlet. big fan man. watch your videos daily! 🙂

  13. Custom server? Sheeeitt. This night bring me back to pokemon for the first time in 10 years lmao

  14. Yo rowlit just to let you know.
    Servers on mmo 3d will be taken down next update unfortunately since there was some trouble with the abuse of private information 😉

  15. I'd love a custom server! I'm okay with the current main one but it would be nice to see you host one yourself. I'm loving this game so far the last 4 days I've played it!

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