Perfectly normal game of chess but it's a jojo's reference -

Perfectly normal game of chess but it’s a jojo’s reference

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Video not mine. I found it on the internet and I don’t know the source.
//Edit: not anymore. Check the pinned comment.


  1. Are we gonna talk about how black at the beginning threw away both the rook and the queen for no apparent reason?

  2. Golden Experinece Reqiuem Love Train Act 5 Over Heaven

  3. its only 2 mimutes and 51 seconds but it felt like a whole movie

  4. So Cool And The Best A Bruh Call The Cops Call The Cops But Not For Me Oh Shoot Oof Why! Dude

  5. Nadie:
    Absolutamente nadie:
    Yo: Acabo de venir por el mejor y último hasta el momento Don' Laugh Challenge de Zellen

  6. And to think that this DI MOLTO POST was made during the quarantine.. Ya de tanto clip españolito hasta cuesta saber que tan culto sera el man que se crafteo esta wea xD

  7. lolll now chess its not a boring game anymore 😹

  8. Con que así se ven los partidos profesionales de ajedrez.

  9. Rook to the last pawn at 2:23 "You're the last one, COMPLETE THE MISSION!"

  10. Yall should stop hating because of bad moves they could easily do better moves but if all of them are good the content would be harder to make like the sacrificing

  11. Why do you keep this video up if you know is not yours?

  12. Repost. The original is called "C H E S S – P A W N – R E Q U I E M"

  13. Legit one of the most intense games ive seen, including games other than chess

  14. "I need a new plan like right fucking now" never related so hard

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