Peach floats forever vs DON'T TOUCH THE FLOOR CHALLENGE (+ Out of Bounds Mario 3D World Secrets) -

Peach floats forever vs DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR CHALLENGE (+ Out of Bounds Mario 3D World Secrets)

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Princess Peach can float forever, but DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR CHALLENGE in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury! Today is Princess Peach vs DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR CHALLENGE, the Mario 3D World mod by ZXMany again!! And also more funny out of bounds secrets in Super Mario 3D World! 😀

This Super Mario 3D World mod that I made lets Princess Peach float forever in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and we can do an avoid touching the floor challenge with it! Every time we touch the floor or complete a level, the level switches, and we also explore some fun out of bounds secrets in Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Switch 😀

This funny Mario challenge with Princess Peach vs don’t touch the floor is a great Mario challenge for Super Mario 3D World! The floating Princess Peach animations are ENDLESS as Princess Peach floats FOREVER! The difficulty is SUPER EASY when you can float like this, and it’s funny to see out of bounds secrets in this game!



Intro/ explanation – 0:00
Rules – 0:13
Super Bell Hill (World 1-1) – 0:40
What if you float away from the level? – 0:51
Rocket ship in the background + background Super Bell Hill out of bounds – 1:17
Princess Peach float forever through Super Bell Hill – 1:42
Koopa Troopa Cave (World 1-2) – 2:13
Float forever past Koopa Troopa Cave – 2:24
Floating forever past invisible walls in Koopa Troopa Cave – 2:54
Cloud platforms in Koopa Troopa Cave out of bounds – 3:23
Chargin’ Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) – 4:24
Mount Beanpole (World 1-3) – 4:35
Mount Beanpole float forever past the piranha plant boss – 4:45
Plessie’s Plunging Falls (World 1-4) Peach Float forever – 5:08
Floating over Plessie’s Plunging Falls – 6:02
Goal pole Peach floats forever in Plessie’s Plunging Falls – 6:29
Switch Scramble Circus (World 1-5) – 6:44
Floating around the second room in Switch Scramble Circus – 7:09
Out of Bounds in Switch Scramble Circus – 7:31
Checkpoint flag floating forever – 7:57
Peach floating around the room – 8:19
Next part of the level is now loaded in + problems – 9:05
What happens if you float around the magikoopa? – 9:39
Since the goalpole is there, can you skip past it? – 10:12
The biggest problem for Peach Floats forever in Switch Scramble Circus – 10:40
Clouds spawning in Switch Scramble Circus – 10:59
Princess Peach in the Captain Toad level – 11:13
Bowser’s Highway Showdown (World 1-Castle) – 11:45
Bowser the owl – 12:07
Getting behind the Bowser boss – 12:17
In-depth look at Bowser level design – 12:38
Thank you for watching – 12:57
Outro – 13:05

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  1. Pog finally the camere resteictions got a bit broken

  2. Hi zxmany I watch your videos on nintendo switch but I dont have in account on there but it looks like I dont

  3. It would be cool if Peach floats forever in Super Mario 3D World The Floor is Lava mod.

  4. 1:54 or you can just dive at the 8,000 point part to get the top

  5. “The rules are simple:”
    Nicobbq: And I took that personally

  6. I’d love to see a star world level that’s just made for peach floating through obstacles

  7. that is really cool this is what i love to see on youtube and I may try modding myself with a game like cuphead if you have ever heard of that game

  8. Can you test what happens if you get a catshine in super mario 3d world?

  9. In super bell hill why is the rocket there

  10. when u reach 150K subs can u play roblox or hollow knight?

  11. Can you do another creating Super Mario World level live stream (maybe with my favorite level (5-2 Tricky Trapeze Theatre)).

  12. Can you do a video of CT levels as normal characters

  13. "Walls aren't floor"
    Peach: -What? Well, then I'm never gonna touch it again.
    Amazing video

  14. Super Princess Peach 2: peach can float forever with help of coder ZXMany

  15. *looks at title*
    Me: “Oo, don’t touch the floor with this mod, this should be interesting. Seeing how many levels can be beaten without touching the floor, seems legit.”
    Zxmany: “So if we remove this death barrier, then the level will be possible without touching the ground.”
    (Btw this is meant to be a joke, pointing at how much he changes the levels to beat it without touching the ground, also he never says the line exactly like I wrote it, plz don’t get angry)

  16. Peach is plagiarizing Tinker Bell to better compete with Disney, king of all entertainment! 😂

  17. Now What about the other worlds? What happens if you do this to the other worlds? Can you float all the levels? (Including the challenging level)

  18. If she could do that, she could escape from Bowser's castle easily.

  19. Is not call tounching floor it is call tounching the ground DUMBÀSS ZXMany

  20. Is that rocket there in Super Bell Hill before beating the game? Or is it just a large rock then?

  21. 5:40 I think that was the first video I saw on your channel! I cannot find my first comment here, that would take to long.

  22. It looks like peach is flying an airplane when she floats backwards

  23. I'd love a mod where you can make Mario's Fury instead of Bowser's Fury and Bowser is replaced with Mario, Mario replaced with a goomba and Bowser Jr stays as he is.

  24. Also, I'd love to see you play Super Mario Maker 2 and create a profile on Super World.

  25. U probably won’t see this but can you do Big Bounce Byway with the floating peach mod?

  26. Stop Saying The Word Kill, ZXMany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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