Pandora's Box 3D - 8000 in 1 - IYO Gaming 2021 Edition -

Pandora’s Box 3D – 8000 in 1 – IYO Gaming 2021 Edition

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Another Year a new Pandora Games 3D PLUS Game Box Model Review only when did they upgrade today ? Let’s find out ! 😎

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IYO Gaming Pandora:
8 Button Light up Edition –
8 Button Sanwa Edition –
Mainboard –

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  1. led to brite it need to be opaque under it

  2. I wish that there was an edition with a track ball.

  3. Hey buddy, love your videos. What's the best rwxxomendatiom you have for a console which preferably has decent ram and well loaded. I particularly miss taito and capcom, and the versions of space invaders and phoenix. Many thanks, Ken, ireland 🇮🇪

  4. No comments on the ability/inability to save progress – especially on Dreamcast games?

  5. 😃😃😃👍👍👍😁😁😁❤️

  6. The presentation of the product is Nice, But as you said give it some better specs that it can run everything more stable.What I’m missing with all Pandora arcade’s so far no trackball,Pinball buttons on the side and lightgun support.(is there even a portrait mode available if I want to play all the games that way?)

  7. Another bad Pandora Box. Will they EVER get it right?

  8. Wicked I've got question, im absolutely confused, wanna buy portable console 5-7 inch screen, which is the best in your opinion at this moment , amount of consoles from China making me headache 😫 😂😂😂

  9. Did tekken 5 work good? ! And are their other plug in arcade board (like this one) thats better than this one ?

  10. Wicked, I want to get back into retro gaming. I'm so confused by all the options now. There's Retropie, Super Console X Pro, 3D Pandoras, etc and they come with games counts from 2000 to 50k+… Why the drastic different count in games?

    What do you consider is the best purchase to acquire the most games for all consoles and arcade games?

  11. Hi, I really want to buy one but im a bit scared. did you ever got it delivered broken? because im not the most handy guy if i need to fix things like this.

    hey, sorry dat ik het even in 2 talen vertel. maar ik ben echt into de retro games met het arcade gevoel. maar ik heb een beetje bang om 200-300 euro uit te gaan geven voor een pandora's box. Omdat ik niet precies weet of deze wel op een normale manier zullen geleverd worden.. en mijn engels is ook niet goed genoeg om dit even zo allemaal lopen uit te leggen. Dus hopelijk krijg ik van jouw een reply dat ik een beetje meer zekerheid heb 😀 !

    Bedankt !

  12. multiplayer psp games is the best feature I didn't know I wanted

  13. Would it be racist to say "It's another package from.. WAKANDAAAA!" If retro handhelds were coming out from Africa? =P

  14. I'm shocked that this can emulate game sharing for psp

  15. Does Anyone Know of the pandoras box is compatible with USB light Guns? So you can play time crisis for example

  16. Compliments for the video.
    What does it mean ‘full Sanwa’?
    What really is the difference between the first Aliexpress Link “light up edition” and the “ Full sanwa edition” ?

  17. Bro, did you tried the vga display on pandora box? It's 100 times better than the hdmi display or the Cga. I like the retro pixel of the CGA, but I like the smoothness of the VGA. Hdmi display is not so bad, it's amazing to play with direct connection Neo-Geo sticks on Supergun without using an USB that converts the input to usb protocol, then convert it again in the bios on a pc or PlayStation, without speaking about the O.S. that is also draining bandwith for an usb. That's sooo nice to play in an arcade way the tiny pandora linux o.s…. so lovely… I really like it. 👍

  18. Just play the games. No one cares about the technology mumbo jumbo

  19. The same box as from 2019!
    Only thing they have done is to increase the games!
    The fan and the CPU chip is cheapier today? don't buy this shit they only wants your money!

  20. Buenas tardes,estaria muy bien,un listado completo de esta pandora y si nos gusta,la tendremos que comprar,gracias,saludos cordiales.

  21. I just purchased this and can’t wait until it arrives!

  22. It is possible to use the 8000-1 SD card on my Pandora 3D, that now has 4018 games?

  23. Anyone know a good pedestal or bench cabinet for this IYO box?

  24. I just got a package that was supposed to be the Pandora set up. I used the link in the discription and got an box of little mirrors. I tried clicking on the "open dispute" link an it tells me i need to wait 10 days from the time the seller shipped the item. I got a box from china, but got scammed.

  25. Got my IYO board less then two weeks shipping. Love it so far just wish I understood how to remap buttons for some of the games.

  26. Can you tell me how I can get a copy of the Game list for this console?

  27. Cuanto cuesta? donde yo vivo esta en 219,99 €

  28. Man I feel bad for you old people. You didn't have any cool games. It looks like all you had was the same fight game repackaged 8000 different ways. It must have been so fucking boring.

  29. Really need better quality in parts. Also would be cool if they added a trackball and a clicker. Hmmm even add light guns that would be overkill…LOL

  30. I followed the link to buy this but the specifications listed on the website says it only has 1gb of ram… Just wanted to know if that's an error or were they naughty and changed boards.

    Love your channel, it was a fun rabbit hole to go down. Keep it up.

  31. Is is possible to save games for the old console games (I.e. Zelda. Mario
    world etc) with the 3D+? It doesn’t seem to work when I save via the game menu. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

  32. can you select audio output to the monitor and not the crappy speakers?

  33. Would be interesting to mount an Android box into an X-Arcade controller to have better controls, more power and options (EmuElec), and probably about the same prize.

  34. So do you have to take it apart to make it work? Am confused. Hope this is not like building a pc because I suck at it.

  35. hi i have 2 question… could I add 2 ps3 controller and other is snes can add I need play Donkey Kong

  36. or this worth it compared to Pandora Box 18S Pro that is 369$

  37. Actually baolong joysticks are way more responsive than sanwa, i use baolong joysticks its like seimitsu sticks its way more responsive. Baolong is way better than sanwa in my ipinion. I have sanwa joysticks btw

  38. they also have a version where its Sanwa joysticks and bottons….have you tried that one ???

  39. I got one of these earlier in the year after watching your review. . Realy enjoying it. All going well, swapped out the buttons for a set of Sanwa instead a few months ago. Now on the IO test the Pause/Home button isn't working, and the Coin button activates Coin and Select simultaneously. So I can't pause, save or exit a game. I have to press the little menu button beside the USB ports. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a cure?

  40. I am new to all of this… There are so many Pandoras Boxes to choose from… What model and where can I get one that runs the most types of consoles and arcade games at an acceptable level? I just saw an ad for the PB-3D… but there are probably several types of those… My friend has an older Pandoras Box 6 Thanks

  41. Can you take the Sd card out, insert it in your Windows pc and download the roms from the sd card? To use them on an Anbernic rg351 device for instance?

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