Opening chess game -

Opening chess game

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Spock doesn’t like it when Kirk is distracted from their game.


  1. The fact that Kirk would usually end up beating Spock at chess demonstrated that the writers of the series had very little idea of how chess works.

  2. Oh god. Glad they did a wee bit more experimenting with Spock.
    Nimoy was spot on with Spock later, he was made for the character.

  3. "Terrible, having bad blood like that."
    I love Kirk so much. SO MUCH. XD

  4. @Soundnous I could probably beat Spock. After twenty games or so.

  5. that doesent even seem like nimoy…? he stole real spock! ahhhhhh

  6. He doesn't beat him. It's clear he just manages to escape the trap Spock laid for him.

  7. "I do not understand; his next move should have been the rook."

    poor Spock, always being destroyed by the Kirk chess engine….

  8. must be humbling to suck on so many different levels… 😉

  9. The only thing that sets me off is the eyebrows. They settled better throughout but like… hehehe

  10. The definition of irritating in this case is twofold:
    1. Those horrible Starfleet sweaters. I swear I see a zipper on Kirk's collar.
    2. Spock's eyebrows, which look like pieces of padding from the inside of my bike helmet.

    But I love even the oldest TOS episodes to death. Thank you for putting this bit up for our enjoyment! 😀

  11. Despite the awkward "early installment weirdness", I do love this clip so much. It's not quite what Trek will be yet (costumes, continuity, ect), but you can still see some of the most important elements of original Trek in it.

  12. Spock's appearance was really a lot better in later episodes.

  13. irritation is when you dot show up at your so called bestfriends burial ….just sayin captin jerk

  14. Spocks eyebrow "Their so fuzzy i'm gonna die!!!!"

  15. Smugness? Ah, yes, one of your Vulcan emotions 😀

  16. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time! says:

    So he called his dad an ancestor? Clearly an insult!

  17. Wow, some stuff seriously got retconned after this. I wouldn't normally refer to your father as a "ancestor", to say nothing of his small smile after hearing the word "irritating", etc.

  18. one of my ancestors married a human female

    …nice way to talk about your mom…

  19. Episode 1: Where No Man Has Gone Before. One of the greatest TV pilots in the history of TV pilots.

  20. Kirk pretends to not even be paying attention to the game, defeats him, then taunts him about having human blood after losing to a human 😂 Talk about trolling 🙄

  21. Ancient comments here. Turn back now. Risks include: Heavy Nostalgia.

  22. this is from 1×03 "where no man has gone before" in case anyone is wondering

  23. Who is this Romulan imposter playing 3d chess with Kirk?

  24. Right off the bat, Captain Kirk as a character of depth is established with a game of chess. Just one short scene. Something STD in 2 seasons is incapable of doing with Michael Burnham.

  25. Ah early days. The aliens on Babylon 5 improved after the pilot as well.

  26. 0.35 Those two women in the background are definitely not wearing uniforms. I wonder if TOS was originally supposed to have families aboard, same as TNG did?

  27. I spilled a load of instant barista coffee powder on the counter earlier, but I was running late so I had to leave it. When I got back home, I went to clear it up only to find that because the counter was slightly damp, the coffee powder had congealed. It had then dried out leaving a solid mass I was able to literally pull of the counter in one lump with a spatula. Not wanting to waste it, I broke it into bits and made a cup with some of these bits. It tasted like cack; well even more like cack than instant coffee usually does. So don't do this people, just throw it away.

  28. I see a lot of comments on Spock's appearance — specifically the eyebrows. They're different because this episode had a different makeup artist. Robert Dawn filled in for Fred Phillips, who had done Nimoy's makeup for the first pilot, and would go on to do it for the regular series episodes. Phillips' makeup was just qualitatively better; he had a more artistic eye, and could appreciate how much even fairly subtle variations could make a difference.

  29. You went to Starfleet Academy. On Earth. Don't tell me you never heard the word irritated before.

  30. Spock with an annoying smirk for most of a scene. I….. I don’t like it, it feels uncanny.

  31. The eyebrows. They were thick and bushy and it does not feels like the Spock I used to know

  32. Notice how Spock rolls his eyes when Kirk expresses his concern when he hasn't heard from the bridge and then smiles when he says "Ah yes, one of your Earth emotions." Funny inconsistentcy.

  33. If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominos will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

  34. Kirk and McCoy both nailed their characters from the very beginning. Spock was certainly great but did have to work on the character and develop it over time and as we all know he perfected it. But Kirk, bones and even Scotty really nailed their characters from the get go.

  35. “Ahh yes, one of your earth emotions” He said, smiling

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