OPEN WORLD POKEMON! Pokémon Origin Fire Red 3D - Pokemon Open World like The Nintendo Switch?! -

OPEN WORLD POKEMON! Pokémon Origin Fire Red 3D – Pokemon Open World like The Nintendo Switch?!

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Open World Pokemon, the future of Pokemon… NOW!
A preview of what Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch could be!
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An Open World Pokemon fan made game, Pokemon Origin Fire Red 3D! This is a small glimpse into what Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch could be! Keep in mind this is in its alpha stages, but the possibilities are endless! I’m very excited to see what the Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch could be and very thrilled to see the future of Pokemon in and open world setting!

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  1. Dude I subscribed because of this video, I've bought and played Pokemon since the gba blue version release, and this is my dream come true!😢

  2. How to download open world Pokemon game 3d

  3. Why is open world in all caps as if pokemon wasn't already open world.

  4. 2 years after, we got a fucking lame Pokemon game "Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Evee". Why they don't make an open world game with amazing graphic's wild pokemon and player's more like a mmorpg… They are completely retarded pulling off 5yo pokemon games. Maybe after 20 years I would see a pokemon game worth the $.

  5. Assuming this got shut down by gamefreak? Any updates?

  6. Imagine this type of game but for xbox or ps4. It's too bad that Pokemon is only on Nintendo. Just imagine this type of game for console. Kinda like an Assassins Creed crossed with Pokemon. I would pay sooo much money to make this happen for real.

  7. rflwajknhuigteshijgsGsrioghuiosd<fhbsd<xhiogeasy

  8. my dream is that one day the make a open world pokemon game this style for ps4!

  9. Came here after watching the reveal trailer for Swords and Shield

  10. That's Portuguese I believe 😅. So similar to be fair

  11. Damn, if a offical game like this was made by game freak I would absolutely buy it. The recent pokemon games aren't as good as it used to be when I was a kid. So this would be super cool.

  12. There was 3 games i came accross like this a long time ago and that was actually pretty fleshed out but they got shut down. Two of them was similar to this but one was way more polished, the 3rd was the best and was actually pretty popular and it was a mine craft mod

  13. After three years, and 2 official Pokémon games for Switch… This is still the dream game we never got. And maybe we never will.
    Someone has to show this to Nintendo…
    (Yup, Nintendo. Not Game Freak)

  14. Bro my question is= is this a fan made game or from Game Freak

  15. Pokemon fans looking for such a game grew up, bored , had career and marriage, kids, mortgages, loans. They wont make an actual open world pokemon game. Nintendo wont spend so much

  16. the only download link that works is the testing version :/

  17. I wonder where the idea for legends arceus came from .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. Found this after 3 years and I truly wonder if THIS was the basis for Legends?

  19. Will pokemon legends arceus look this good?

  20. What's the name of the game and from where to download ?

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