Nintendo CONFIRMS What To Expect From The Next 3D Mario Game For Nintendo Switch -

Nintendo CONFIRMS What To Expect From The Next 3D Mario Game For Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo CONFIRMS What To Expect From The Next 3D Mario Game For Nintendo Switch

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  1. SOo it is Actually Going to be Another Mario game For Switch?

  2. So all he's saying is that there will be new features in the new games? I mean…I thought that was something we all expected anyways lol but still cool I guess

  3. I love Mario and I know he makes money for Nintendo but personally I think he's been milked on the Switch. I'd like some more of the other forgotten franchises brought back

  4. Gotta be like bowsers Fury. The best thing about bowsers Fury was having inventory of power ups 👌

  5. So Miyamoto pulled the most Nintendo thing to do when it comes to showing games:

    Make a announcement… of the announcement… of an announcement

  6. I want them to make another Mario Odyssey with new elements.

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  8. I love how they think their phone games arent completly trash

  9. If it ends up being Galaxy 3, they better give mario a chris pratt starlord skin XD

  10. I just got my amiibo yesterday and it was weird it was sent in a target box

  11. Is it going to be Super Mario Odyssey 2
    (with Waluigi [marking his debut in the Main Super Mario series])

  12. Kind of would love to see a Mario Odyssey sequel, but I’d be happy even if we don’t. If it’s a Mario game I want to play it.

  13. Hope expecting a new 3D Mario game by 2022-2023.

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