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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe | The Completionist | New Game Plus

The Completionist
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Time to re-complete a game that helped start my professional relationship with Nintendo on my New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe review!


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Curious about New Game Plus and the removal of previous Completionist episodes? The answers are in my update video:

Reception on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe was mixed among fans. Some found the levels to be bland compared to other games, but it was nice to see the platformer out again with modern graphics at the time. This version also includes New Super Luigi U! Plus this game sparked so much speculation and questions when Toadette puts on the crown and we got Peachette. Is Peach just a Toad? Who’s the real one? What happens when other characters wear the crown? And you remember how the internet responded to that last question… Still, we’re curious to see what a Jirardette, Facianette, or a Bretette.

Let me know what you thought about my New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe review! Also let me know what other games I should re-complete for New Game Plus!

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  1. To be honest, you can technically save whenever you want by using the "Quick Save" item on the pause menu. It basically saves the state of the game and sends you back to the main menu. Once you go back into the game, the save state is lost, though.

  2. Here’s a cheat code hold L/R Buttons before going into level
    (only in New Super Luigi U)

  3. Bretette would be an iconic queen. please, somebody make it happen in eff it beard bros

  4. You aren't recompleting NSMBU Deluxe, you are recompleting NSMBU

  5. I like Mario better and lugi is boring in this game

  6. You should complete New Super Mario Bros. Wii and DS

  7. "What happens if someone else picks it up?"
    Oh you know

  8. This should be called New Game Plus plus plus plus


  10. My game is glitched . I have all 12 secrets and all the star coins yet I only have 93 flags and can’t get the fifth star on the menu

  11. Did you ever find out about that title screen thing that deactivates the added spin button and keeps it to just the trigger?

  12. You would appeal to a broader audience if you would not joke about gender expressions.

  13. Y’all see my boy dashie on that trailer crew?

  14. I like bother series of mario, yes the new super mario series is easier, but still fun

  15. I grew up on new soup wii and never got a Wii U, I loved this game

  16. I played this without playing the other ones and I still thought it was boring.

  17. 6:22 Ah! My OCD was triggered! Gotta get the P switch! How yo get the P switch?! Why?!!

  18. Fantastic game! It's the real super Mario world 2

  19. I'd really like to see New Horizon being completed. Just sayin'.

  20. Bought this last night in Shanghai… just got into Mario games and have so far only played Galaxy. Therefore I have little experience playing Mario so I doubt I'll have the negative opinions about this being bland. It's really divided opinion amongst Mario fans. Your channel is great btw.

  21. I legitimately do not understand how people could possibly love this game. Like? Sure, I like plenty of bad/flawed games myself. But I've heard people call this and, by extension, the NSMB series the best Mario games out there. Which is just ridiculous to me.
    Luigi U has a good deal of ingenuity, but the rest of the series feels utterly devoid of passion. Not to mention that many details of the level design of practically all levels are just objectively off, same for the overall game design. Coins thrown around haphazardly and without intent, enemies and hazards spaced out in ways that do not flow into one another in any way, resulting in absolutely no rhythm in the level flow, the overworld power-up mechanic is just outright broken in its implementation, the jump-to-spin thing, forcing a beginner character in multiplayer, kicking you out of the level on every death, the save and quit level options are locked behind beating the game/indiviual levels respectively for no damn reason – the list goes on.
    I consider this game to be at the border between meh and outright bad quality-wise, I genuinely do not get the fans here. If this really impressed you, I implore you to find better games to play – you deserve a higher standard of quality.

  22. I personally find this game to be the best 2d mario

  23. There’s just something about the way this particular Mario Series looks which just doesn’t appeal to me. I guess it kinda looks a little too sterile to me if that makes any sense. I think I would have liked these games more if they’d taken the 3D models and then painted over them to make pixelated characters and then did something similar with the environmental art. Maybe they could take some inspiration from the environmental art in Rayman Legends and the Inverted version of Cortex Towers in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time?

  24. Sry if I’m frustrating this is a great channel

  25. Dear completionist
    How many times did you die in nslu ( new super luigi u)

  26. Completionist – Fighting bowser as a final boss? what a twist!
    Dimentio, Fawful, and King Boo – i know right

  27. I don’t care you tell my to finish it, I am gonna finish it because I already have 4 stars

    Now in seriousness, I completed everything except a little bit in Luigi U and findin some secret exits, not secrets levels just secret exist and also the challenges.

  28. My opinion is Toadette is Peaches Handmaiden and Bodydouble, and the Supercrown is what lets her be the Bodydouble. Now, That doesn't mean she's actually good at the job… lol

  29. Yeah whatever. Do this with super mario maker 2.

  30. Imo I'm not mad blue toad is a palette swap in mad that he's not the default blue over yellow

  31. What is your favorite Mario game of all time?

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